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A very honest magazine article

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

This is a magazine article that my SP friend Amanda posted. The statements that are made in this article are 110% true to MY journey. I can definitely relate to the Harvard grad student...

If you click on the link for Julia's photography, please be aware that they are nude images. FYI, she also used to be on SP. How cool is that?

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    This was a wonderful article. Thank you.
    1499 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this article, Holly. I've struggled with lots of the issues the author mentions too and, with almost two years of maintenance under my belt, can attest to the fact that losing weight and keeping it off is not a magic bullet for everything in life. I've experienced the disappointments she describes and the permanent reminders of where I had been before (stretch marks, loose skin). In spite of all that, I would NEVER trade where I am now for where I was four years ago. I've got my good health and I'm no longer held back from doing what I want to do because of my weight. I try to keep that in mind whenever I look in the mirror and start to focus on my flaws instead of embracing how far I've come!
    1503 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    I knew bout this, but never understood it. It is very reveling, and gives me a new dimension on others weight loss. I was fortunate with mine.

    Konrad emoticon
    1503 days ago
    Thanks for posting.

    Very sobering.

    .•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`-:¦:
    We Can Do It
    One Day at a Time~
    Spread the Spark!!
    ..`•.¸.•´... ¸.
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´

    1503 days ago
    So true. Weight loss is not a magic happy pill for your body or mind.
    Thanks for sharing.
    1505 days ago
    Very thought provoking.
    1505 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this, Holly. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
    1505 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1506 days ago
    It hits the mark. Those photos are inspiring though. I totally understand the "when I get there everything will be better" attitude. I know I've been guilty of that too.
    Love you Holly! Thanks for sharing.
    1507 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    Unbelieveably great article, thanks girl.
    1507 days ago
    Holly, thank you for sharing this article. I have been reading your blog for the last several months and really appreciate your honesty.
    1508 days ago
  • FUNGIRL81005
    Loved the article...Thank You for sharing!! emoticon
    1508 days ago
    wow , what a powerful article and her photos were amazing and honest.
    Thanks for sharing that article link!
    1508 days ago
    thanks for sharing! Great read and dialogue. I shared over on FB, it might help some people.
    1508 days ago
    Thanks for posting this. She is a brave and beautiful woman!
    1508 days ago
  • NUMD97
    Julia Gewlia! How lovely to see that years after leaving SP, Julia has kept her weight off. The article is a very insightful one, and merits serious attention: The unspoken of what occurs after being successful in reaching goal, and then more often than not the inevitable (for many) "Now what?"

    This is what is so critical: Rather than rejoice in the fact that we succeed in attaining goals we never dreamed of in the past, we emphasize the imperfect part that has not been accomplished yet. I see this in blog after blog after blog that I read here. The weight is (not to over simplify) a manifestation of a much larger issue. One's personality does not change after 100 pounds have disappeared.

    How can this be fought? Exactly as the article states: By being more honest in those "before" and "after" photos that the public drools over imagining it as one day being themselves attaining the same result, is a great start. And ultimately learning to be more kind and accepting of ourselves.

    Thanks for posting. This was one of the best links I've ever seen on SP.
    1508 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2014 7:05:53 AM
  • GABY1948
    1508 days ago
  • TIGER_LILY_613
    Great article. Thank you
    1508 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Life is never going to be perfect and while it is a good decision to lose weight we have to be happy with ourselves NOW.
    1508 days ago
    Thanks for posting Holly. I have seen this article before but I glad it continues to be posted because it is important. I know people need to be educated about it just from reading the comments on the article emoticon Funny how people think that you must not have done enough strength training etc, because your skin should snap back. Yea right! My co-worker asked me the same thing, and I told her no, it doesn't always snap back. Folks forget that there are many factors that depend on how your body will react to weight loss. Like, how long were you overweight, how much were you overweight, did you lose it slowly, how old are you, how many kids, etc.

    emoticon for sharing.
    1508 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Wow! Thanks for sharing!
    1508 days ago
    So true.

    1508 days ago
    What an awesome article! It is SOOOO true. It's really hard to realize what your new body looks like to others when you still see the fat person in the mirror. We can do this! Thank you for sharing!
    1508 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1508 days ago
    1508 days ago
    Very sobering. Thank you for sharing.
    1508 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    Enjoyed the article and pictures.... I lost 125 pounds in 9 months with a doctor on a protein sparing fast when I was 33 years old and had no lose skin problems... the 70 I've lost on SP in about the same time frame by eating healthy at 66 years old has left me "Flab-u-lous" I have the fatty curtain and bat wings... my skin is crapie and I hate my neck wattle BUT I feel 150% better and honestly that's all I care about. Granted I'm married, DH loves me just the way i am... I have no desire to wear a bikini and if I dress right you can hardly tell so I accept that everything sags and I'm far from perfect. What I've gained is my health and that's what's important to me emoticon

    Props to Amanda for putting herself out there... I think she is beautiful emoticon Thanks Holly for sharing emoticon
    1508 days ago
    Wow! What an incredible article AND collection of photos. Her honesty is great! I wish more people could see/read this. I know it has sure given me a lot to think about too.

    Thank you for posting this!
    1508 days ago
    I see her photos when I look in the mirror. I'm down 65lbs from my highest weight and see the extra skin on my tummy especially. I hate doing planks, push-ups, and even sit ups because I can see the skin just hanging there. It always rolls over my pants and makes me so self conscious. When I am honest with myself it hurts, having to adjust my clothing to fit my body is no fun...but being overweight and unhealthy is even less fun. At least now I can play with my kids, at least now I don't hind from a camera, at least now I don't worry about high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. If all I have to do is worry about how to squeeze my flabby skin into that sexy negligee then I guess I am doing ok.
    1508 days ago
    So happy you're posting this too. I think more people need to see this!
    1508 days ago
    Wow !!
    1508 days ago

    Holly. Thanks for the real life images of what is to come. For sure, forwarned is forarmed. I think we all need to see these images to help ourselves look at why we are losing weight. For me it is about looking better for other people, feeling lighter, being able to do things I can't do now, being healthier, living longer, getting off some of my meds. At my age, 62, while I don't want to look like that, I more so don't want to look like I do now. I also don't want the restrictions I have now.
    I thank the lady who was brave enough to share herself with us and hope some of our younger people, look very carefully at what it is they hope to accomplish.

    1509 days ago
  • MINEA999
    wow - great article and the photography collections are wonderful in their honesty. Some of my struggle I think is that I'm actually scared of losing the weight and feeling even worse about the shell that is left.
    1509 days ago
    Very informative! Gives lots to think about. Thanks for sharing:-)
    1509 days ago
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