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Week Two: Better Aqua Zumba Workout

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

My day was a long very stressful day but the great thing is I made a lot of wonderful healthy choices. As a treat for my long stressful day I even rewarded myself by buying some body lotion and a small 75% off candy. I drank more than my fill of water. I ate throughout the day even small breakfast to get my brain and body working efficiently. I took care of my back, and I had an amazing workout at Aqua Zumba.

Tonight I focused on every movement for Aqua Zumba and I could tell it gave me a lot more of a workout. I bought some aqua gloves too because they give a great resistance. So when there was leg movements I made sure to make them controlled and flexed those muscles. When arm movements I would make them controlled and do it as deep as possible in the water. I would keep my core in check and made sure that my posture was good. It takes a lot of being aware of the body to keep all these going. I have been focusing on posture and core for a while so they are habit now. It's now about being mindful of the control flexed movements for more resistance. My legs sure feel it tonight. Its an annoying yet satisfying feeling. Is that even possible to have? Annoying yet satisfying? emoticon


Plans for tomorrow:
Deep Water Aerobics and water weights.


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Understanding supervisors. They make the workplace better.
2. Water cups. My mother gave me a huge 24oz Starbucks cup. I have been using that to drink water. two of those covers my water intake for the day but I normally drink three.
3. Fun places to work out. It makes exercise way more enjoyable.
4. Friends that care. A friend gave me a gift today, it was a really cool book, The Naked Pint, about Craft Beers. :)
5. A warm cozy home to come home to after a very long day.
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