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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Well I made it through the Holiday Season started at 156.5 and ended at my goal weight of 154.

The main lesson I learned as I watched my self each day during the November-December season was that I AM GOING TO OVER EAT HIGH CALORIE FOODS.

What helped me to keep from ending up gaining 5-10 pounds were:

Made people who stayed with us responsible for their own meals rather than fixing food for everyone at every meal. Lots of choices in the pantry and refrigerator made it easy for them.
Ate vegetarian the weekend after Thanksgiving for a couple of days
Gave up Christmas cookie baking although it is something I enjoy the temptation to eat just one and then one more cannot be avoided.
Kept the amount of sugary foods in the house to a minimum

Some things I learned about celebrations and holidays:

1. SOCIAL situations lend themselves to eating
2. I have a really HARD time controlling portions on trigger foods
3. Leftovers in the refrigerator call to me and I answer back a resounding YES!
4. My cravings return in FULL FORCE for days after overeating high calorie food which increases amount of weight gained
5. Logging food is just not possible when life is in CHAOS
6. Having a plan to get back into healthy eating routine is CRITICAL

Some takeaways to use for other holidays and celebrations are:

Eat sensibly every day of my life including Holiday and celebration meals. Indulge and enjoy but don’t overdo it. My body does not know December 25 from March 3.
Always look my best and wear “skinny clothes”.
Have a specific refocus plan and specified day to get back to regular habits immediately after the celebration day. All I need are small steps to get back.
Get rid of leftovers immediately!!!! Send them off with people, invite people over, freeze them or toss them.

This holiday orgy of food is really about the memories of the holidays and the shared events of the past. Some memories are good, some sad and some are just depressing. This part of the weight loss journey -maintenance- is about staying healthy. So I look at what I can eat and try to decide if it is good for my body or just my mind wanting to hold on to a past memory. Also making foods with lower calorie ingredients is a good way to indulge in favorite foods.

Goal Weight 154
Week ending:
Nov 10 156.5
Jan 5 154.0

One thing I noticed was that there were fewer large parties this year. Several groups and individuals opted not to have large parties. Since I am retired I don’t have the office situation to deal with or the potlucks to attend which really helped. I didn’t miss the large gatherings and it will make me more selective about events that I choose to attend.

Hope you had a happy and healthy holiday, if not make January a healthy month and I hope you have a great and successful New Year.
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