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Real Food Does Glisten (2014- Blog #005)

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I follow food blogs out on the web and some great food photography on instagram. It is rare that I "oh and ah" over canned foods, premixed foods, foods in boxes. The ones that seem to catch my eye are the ones of fresh and natural foods, the foods that are well prepared, touched by an artistic hand, simmered just right, or just stately in their rawness. Perhaps this visual engagement is because our body responds better to those foods nearest their natural state - simple - unemcumbered by additives and preservatives.

If you look at the photography of the calorie-rich/calorie-drenched foods from the drive-up windows, you see that they are touched up to seem WAY more like good foods: glistening with juices, sparkling with that "almost like farm fresh" look. Advertisers speak to our minds, stomachs and hearts via those photos.

Most of my cookbooks are ones that are rich with color photos. Browsing recipes is as much about the art of the photo as it is about the ingredients themselves. I use apps for recipes on the web that entice my eyes and my memories. I stay away from commercial recipes and go for the ones shared by real people.

Me? I get a kick out of photographing some of our meals. I love how deep and rich the colors are. I love how a close-up shows the art of nature. I am satisfied when the food looks close to its natural state. The process of cooking is also part of the fun, the journey, the experiment.

Here are a few from a meal that DH made: scallops, farro (another new favorite) and salad. He is always experimenting with dressings for our salads and he is much better than I about bringing in new kinds of seafood into our diet. This was my first time eating scallops and YUM!

Have a good one, Sparkers.

QUOTE of the day:
"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

"Every choice is an opportunity. Every opportunity is a choice." (me)

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