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The Party, the Cake, and the death of THAT Dragon!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I shared this with the Thanksgiving Team and then thought it would be good to share on my blog. So team members, if you read it there, this is the same.

The Party. Why does it always have to be around food!

I am grateful for some good conversation, for finding out that the Dr. I will see in two weeks is a good one, and I think that I got through the evening without embarrassing myself or anyone else.

I esp. enjoyed the conversation with the birthday girl (16th) and her best friend - they were very responsive to my interjections about spiritual living. But, and however, I did not like the eating part. Kindly, the hostess made sure I had a tall freshly squeezed, nothing added o.j. and offered me more, which I gently declined, while EVERYONE else was enjoying slice after slice of pizza (smelled "wickedly divine") and glass after glass of Coke (which I have come to dislike, no prob. there). Glad I ate before I went.

Following singing two rounds of Happy Birthday came the absolute worst part for me and, boy, did I struggle. We were all standing and talking while the birthday girl sliced BIG pieces of a beautiful, large, two-layer, golden cake. I tried my best to imagine all the ingredients that I did not want to ingest and what it would do to me - it was an ugly imaginary picture! Hope my face was not that look of horror!

The people all around me were served these huge slices of golden cake (maybe huge is an exaggeration) with two kinds of filling in each slice, and they slowly savored e-v-e-r-y bite. What could I do with myself during this time? Did not think of it then (I was not thinking clearly at that point), but right now, I'm thinking that I should have escaped to get "something" out of the car or take a little walk outside the restaurant.

I asked the lady standing in front of me not to tell me how good it tasted, so she proceeded to "yum, yum" and "mmm, mmm" each bite with an in-between smile of delight and "It tastes just awful, Vicki". (Just now, I am reminded of demons taunting humans pictures!) This went on for several minutes and then there were repeats along with all the compliments to the hostess (the cake was purchased) and conversation about the flavors, the kinds of fillings everyone loves, and so on.

When I heard about the ingredients, thinking it might help ME, I said, out loud, "Oh, I'm glad to know it contains sweetened-condensed milk because I don't care for desserts containing that and soo many desserts [here] contain it." Did not help, because the conversation turned to dessert recipes they ALL love that call for sweetened-condensed milk! I could just taste it coating my tongue - wanted to maniacally scream and run!!! Talk about AWKWARD!

When I got back home, I realized that the woman who makes cakes for all the special occasions in our little group not only asked me, "What WAS [my emphasis] your favorite filling BEFORE you stopped eating cake?" also asked about my birthdate (Jan. 7)! Putting those together in my mind, brought feelings of panic about the possibility that the ladies will surprise me with a little party and cake that they will ALL eat in front of me! Perhaps that's why I did not sleep enough last night - haunted by this nightmarish picture!

I did manage to kill the cake desire dragon!!! Breathing a deep slow inhale and exhale, and moving on…
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good job of dragon slaying! Keep up the good work. It sounds like you have a great plan for 2014! Keep up the good owrk.
    1531 days ago
    Well done, well done, Vicki! I've been in that situation so many times as well with food..people really don't mean any harm...yet, I'm always amazed how some people clearly don't get it...now I just accept that and let it go....it just shows how all of us are different, and just need to understand that.

    When if comes to food shoving - I often try to remember this situation... a friend of mine love sushi, and she kept pushing sushi to others...now sushi can be an acquired taste to some, no matter how delicious and healthy..I reminded her that.some people are allergic to fish, or some people are just not a fan of sushi...and some people just don't want to eat it. Her intentions were good, she wanted EVERYONE who was around her to enjoy sushi like she does..but the point is...we are all different..and we have different views... until I brought that up, she did not see her pushing sushi to others who do not want it was actually an insensitive thing.

    You did the right thing...you have your weapon, your breath..., Dragonslayer!
    You also have us....! We are here for you...for times like this to reflect.

    Well done, well done!
    1532 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/7/2014 5:40:36 PM
    Wow, sounds like they were bordering on rude.
    1534 days ago
    Good for you! BTW you positively glow in the new photo on your spark page!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1534 days ago
    Ack! So hard to think ahead of time what others might do or say so we can be prepared. I've tried various methods. Appreciating that many people equate food with love and think nothing of someone else's struggle to resist what for them equates to poison.

    Ya know, if the baker lady makes you a cake and throws you a party. Think fast, what could you have on hand that you love instead?

    My family was so gracious this summer to make me the cake made out of watermelon and fruit (picture in my gallery). I've just started asking for what I want leaving nothing to chance.

    Keep up the good work!
    1534 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/5/2014 3:56:37 PM
    GO YOU -- SLAY those dragons!

    Interesting article for us, relating to forming new habits:


    With you all the way!
    1534 days ago
    Wow! Great job! emoticon emoticon
    It really saddens me at how insensitive some people are to those of us trying to eat healthy. To say yum, yum and then get into a discussion about their favorite deserts is not very considerate. But you handled yourself emoticon And I am so proud of you! Now that you know that you can do it once, that dragon will never be in control again!!!!!!!
    1534 days ago
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