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100 Days of Weight Loss - Day 5

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Magic Notebook

I want to start off by saying that blogging is my magic notebook. I want anything and everything out in the open. I want all the world to see everything of me, as it may encourage and edify them! Besides, who am I, that I would hide my candle?

Todays lesson is telling me to make myself accountable, by keeping a journal. Thanks SP, for the way to do that! Writing things down concerning my eating patterns, my likes, my dislikes, and any struggles I may be having, which I'm not claiming, with this lifestyle change journey.

Then the focus shifted to craving specific foods. That was a sore spot with me, once upon a time, [really it was two months ago] to let it go! I don't even remember the food that had crossed my mind, but I was having a conversation with God, and I told Him that I felt like I wanted a, [since I don't remember the food, I'll use the word smores], smore and He reply back to me was, "No you don't!" I waited about five minutes and I told God, that I really did want that smore, and again His response was, "No, you don't!" I still wasn't accepting what God was telling me and I went back to Him a third time and said, "God I really do want that smore, I feel like my body is craving for a smore!" Well, this time, His response was different. He told me to go ahead and eat it, which I did, with great pleasure!

About half an hour later, my stomach began to hurt so bad, it doubled me over, and I was crying out for God to take the pain away. This was God's response: "Now see, didn't I tell you that you didn't need that smore? Didn't I tell you to leave it alone? You're still being hard headed, and I see sometimes you'll learn the hard way, by personal and painful experience."I learned my lesson, and I now know specifically, that if God tells me no, to a certain food, then I need to listen. That was the first and the last time that I go back before God, and argue with Him!!!

Now, God has given me foods to eat that I didn't know I could have, like popcorn. Oh the smell of popcorn, in the movie theaters, is AMAZING! Now I knew that I wasn't able to have movie theater popcorn, but again my body felt a craving coming on and God immediately stepped in when he told me to go to a certain fly by night catalog, and low and behold, when I was looking through the pages, there in the midst of everything, I saw my answer. It was a microwave popcorn popper that uses no oil! God provided a way for me to have one of my pleasures, and I've enjoyed it several times, and I love it! God's there all the time, and all the time God's there for me!

Since the bad craving experience, and a hankering for some popcorn, I haven't had any other cravings. Since my lifestyle change, food has taken on a new urgency. It's nutritional value to me, is so important, and when I look at the ingredients and fix what I want, the taste is phenomenal and I savor each and every bite, as it's a new experience to my taste buds and to the temple that God gave me!

Be blessed,

- Nancy Jean -

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