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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Is it just me or did it feel like a busy week again :)~

Paolo (the SO) is away for a few days and the 2 young ones are with their Mom so I have alone time until "the man" returns on Tuesday afternoon which is fine by me really. I love the kids but Paolo said I could use some down time without children around, lol. Who am I to argue that point and I didn't. I watched the two Wild Card games earlier and having the day off from exercise tomorrow will be a good thing because game 1 starts at 10am!

I am reading a "trash" (that means a romance) book on my Kindle, a library book "Redemption" by Leon Uris and I'll be happy to finish out "The Writing Diet" in the next week here, what a slog. Its okay though because I am committed to the process even if Ms. Cameron could have condensed down to pamphlet format and I would have been fine with that. I made round 1600 calories today and I have to stay in the 1450-1600 cals on my exercise days which is okay with planning it out. I almost look forward to Sunday where I can be in 1300 range and not feel like I have to think about eating every few hours. My stomach usually tells me when to eat but on my exercise days I have to think about it a little more just so I don't keep my ratio of food to exercise in balance. I think its a good thing.

I added one more thing to my January goals and its not exercise or food related it is more personal interest. I am doing one longhand journal page. It is to improve my handwriting and also so I can write and not just blog. I consider blogging journaling to a point and I don't censor much unless its too explicit or private to talk about here. I have a private Penzu blog but longhand writing is quite fun as well so that isn't much to add onto my goals for the month.

I must admit the beginning few days of 100 Days of Weight Loss had me stumped and I had to figure out a way to mesh what the author was asking before I was able to answer the daily questions. I didn't think it would be so hard but the harder the task the bigger the reward for me! I haven't even posted in the thread yet and for the challenge I said I would post at least 3 x's a week for every week. Adjustments were needed and made so I will post a little later over there and get into discussion mode. I don't consider the first week a fail by any stretch since I knew this may be a little difficult for me since I've never been overweight or obese. I recognised that I was on the higher end of my weight range and I said to myself that I didn't want to wake up one day with 50 pounds or more to lose so I started making the changes so I could always be healthy, strong and in balance in my life. I was just lucky really I didn't have more to lose since I wasn't walking and exercising regularly, my sleep was bad and I ate a little more than I should. The only thing that saved me was that I dislike sweets, fast food, red meats and pork etc...I'm grateful I woke up and added more movement into my day, learned to eat in proper portions, learned to like strength training and cardio videos. I think a lot of it was I learned to like myself even more and I am worthy of respect and treating myself right :)~

Writing Diet topics are the "Refrigerator" and "Good Genes"

In terms of the fridge a lot of us have a hostile fridge because we keep high calorie foods in there. We should clean our fridge more and are disorganised so we aren't eating cleanly! We keep too many remnants of dining out doggy bags, high fat foods that we had at a meal and figure that pint of ice cream and the cookie supply in the freezer won't hurt us. Basically, if you need to clean your fridge its time! Get out the trashcan and the sponge. Use them and stock your fridge with the right fruits, vegetables, water and low calorie snacks and foods.
The exercise is to use "The Four Questions" to figure out what foods you want to keep stocked in the fridge, what you'll actually eat. (refresher on the big 4; #1. Am I actually hungry? #2. Is this what I feel like eating? #3. Is this what I feel like eating now? #4. Is there something else I could eat instead?)

In terms of Good Genes it talks about certain people seemingly being able to eat and drink whatever they want and never gaining weight. Cameron lists a few examples of different people being able to eat fried, high calorie food and it doesn't seem they gain weight and their close friends, co-workers or family have them feeling a little guilty for their luck. However, those with the best metabolism it slows down eventually.

I can attest to this fact (better metabolism) but with exercise my metabolism has regained form. I just learned not to eat everything I wanted in larger portions than I should have. Plus my digestion rebels against me when I do it so I have a built in monitor of sorts. I admit I never felt guilty about being able to eat what I wanted growing up. My parents had us eating right mostly and I never totally chugged soda, sweets, and bad foods. We ate dessert rarely. When I was young my dad had high cholesterol and no more white breads or related. No whole milk, fried foods and I lost track of what else. I think a lot of processed foods took a hike for a long time as well.
A lot of relatives would ask why I never gained weight and I said it was because I was lucky which was true but I was eating fruit, vegetables, whole grains, yoghurt, lean meats and not drinking soda or eating sweets every day. I had a lot of health issues growing up but I wasn't always hungry so when I wasn't hungry I wasn't eating. Plus it was just my brother and I growing up with my parents for the most part. My two older sisters are 7-8 years older than I am and my brother is younger than me so they were out of the house a lot so we weren't competing for food with them. I didn't eat a lot of bread or meats either. I just wish I knew what I know now about dairy because I could have been a lot healthier without that noose in terms of allergies and other afflictions. I do so much better being mostly vegan and eating vegetables, soups, beans, tofu, Asian noodles and meals. I eat pastas sometimes but mostly avoid the pasta since it has a lot of calories. I must admit to loving gnocchi though, so good. Yes I know its potatoes lol.

Okay I didn't mean to get so far off the track there! In terms of the good genes exercise, it asks you to list head to toe what you appreciate about your body, or good genes as it refers to your body. All of us are lucky somewhere! Do you have great hazel green eyes, nice red hair, thin fingers and long nails, lovely white teeth, great lips & fine ears. (Okay, I have a sense of humour tonight since I listed everything I love about my body.)

100 Days of Weight Loss Day 4 "Boundaries not Diets!"

Basically its setting boundaries for your eating plan. Picture your eating plan as a path or a road and there will be twists and turns but your goal is to stay between the sides of the road. Boundaries mean you are flexible. They provide guidelines but at the same time it allows for flexibility and good judgment. During the times you are strong and focused the boundaries are tighter, it makes your road more narrow. When you take a break from the program or work on maintenance (I raise my hand here for maintenance) you widen the boundaries and allow more variety in your plan. Even on a very bad day you never eliminate the road or get off of it completely.

Boundaries give you benefits and not punishments. They are for guidelines for you to live by, not a burden of rules. Depending on your needs, you adjust for what you need in life for the point you are at. You will be successful at life doing this. A positive versus a negative approach works a lot better!

-Draw a line down the middle of your page to create two columns!
-Label one column a narrow road for your diet plan, label the other wide the wider road. This is for maintenance or alternative eating plan!
-Under the titles, define your eating and exercise plans for each of the roads. Then decide on ways to be flexible with them without losing sight of the healthy path you want to follow!

I did a cardio video today for 10 minutes and I was pretty active but I only count exercise I do for this section. I'm dealing with a changing body so my leg and knee want me to be careful a little so I am exercising but listening a little more right now so I don't have to deal with injuries or total soreness. I did the exercise bike for 5 minutes and that's about all my body likes to do on that thing before it says STOP!

Steps 12,506/12,570
Distance 5.41/5.44
Calories 1892/1947
Active Minutes 70

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for your kind wishes, still feel weak, so know that all my energy needs to be focused with getting through the day.

    Yes I must admit every time I think about exercising I think twice as I still know that I am not 100%, really trying to be in tune with my body
    1531 days ago
    Have fun with your FREEDOM! Your eating habits are very similar to mine except I am not a pasta fan. I also love Gnocci but only eaten it 2 times in my life. I am not sure I agree with the labeling of foods as bad. There are no bad foods, just ones we need to eat with great caution. When you structure your environment to eliminate foods you are taking away your ability to exercise good judgement. Foods are all good for us in moderation. If you have no will power than, I would eliminate them. My family eats all the fatty, geasy and rich foods with no reserve and they are doing fine. We must learn to eat what we like but eat it in very small amounts to avoid weight gain. The all or nothing focus is old school. The new focus is eat what you want but not very much so you are not deprived. I do not like the unhealthy foods so I am very blessed.

    Good luck with everthing and have a wonderful week! emoticon emoticon
    1532 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog, thanks.
    1532 days ago
    Enjoy your "me" time. I bet the house is very quiet!
    1532 days ago
    Very interesting blog dear SP friend and thank you for all your kind advice x
    1532 days ago
    You are doing so well - I'm so glad to be able to log on to your blogs and I don't think I've ever seen anything negative - how wonderful is that for the reader!!!??? You are always an inspiration - love you!
    1532 days ago
    Good luck and have fun, above all else. Sounds like you probably don't have too many concerns about your weight. Best to you, Glenn
    1532 days ago
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