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More SparkPeople, Less Facebook

Saturday, January 04, 2014

You know you're doing something right when you spend more time on SparkPeople than you do on Facebook. I've been up for a full hour and so far have yet to open my Facebook...and let me just say...that feels GOOD. Why? Because I've come to realize that when it comes to keeping my spirits high and dietary temptations low, FB offers little.

On the flipside, Facebook, the King of Social Media, is a fantastic way to keep in touch with the family and friends you rarely see. It's also a great way to secretly spy on your former classmates from decades ago and see if their lives are laudable or laughable. Did all those summers of tanning at the local swimming pool to Brazilian bronzedom by the popular snooty girls come back to haunt them in the form of leathery wrinkles? Ha! In truth, I have accepted and later defriended anyone I wouldn't truthfully tell my troubles to and this has resulted in a few dozen family and friends I know love me for who I am--fat and all.

Back to my point about FB--despite the warm and fuzzy connections you can get from virtually snuggling up with your loved ones, it can often be a depressing and stagnant place. Here are my top three FB Irritants:

1. Those wonderful re-posts of high-fat tempting 'easy main dishes' and 'scrumptious decadent desserts' laden with fat, sugar, salt and calories. While they look UN-believable, they would NEVER fit on my daily nutrition tracker, even if I scaled them down 50%.

2. Other people's troubles. Listen, if you have major relationship, job or self-esteem issues or love airing your dirty laundry in public (yes, FB is public), please stop yourself. Don't expect me to be your free shrink, feel sorry for you or get sucked into your negativity. I have better things to do with my blog.

3. "Re-post" if you agree, miss someone in heaven, have a heart, believe in miracles, want to have amazing good luck, be blessed with winning free get the picture. Listen...let me just clear this up right here and now: I do agree, miss someone in heaven, have a heart, want free money, etc. etc., but I am not going to repost it because you say if I don't I will fall into some maddening state of unluckiness, break a leg, not get that free money (which is 99.999% a bulls*$% scam anyway) or prove to the FB world that I do not conform. News flash: I DO NOT CONFORM and will not re-post your dribble out of principle alone.

On the other hand, SparkPeople, though also a form of social media, has a purpose, and that purpose is to connect on a positive level through people in the same boat, rowing, rowing, rowing furiously to stay afloat while still remaining positive and hopeful. I love that its articles, recipes, posts and huddles are all heart-warming and don't require me to repost or suffer the imaginary consequences!! What do I get for my efforts of checking in, blogging, spinning the wheel? More positivity! It's all good here and that's why I'm logging onto SparkPeople more and FB less.

Now I have to go log into FB and see what my kids are up to...
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  • LISA579
    I am not big on facebook but have witnessed all you speak exceopt i do reshare as i am terrified that i will get more bad luck if i do even though logically i know it isnt true. I am getting better though. I also hate the pictures some poeple post...asyou said facebook is public. I love Spark and all the encouragment i get from people in here and i too am on here allot. Congrats on picking Spark over facebook
    1360 days ago
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