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Friday, January 03, 2014

Millions of people bought, gave and received gift cards during the holiday season. All of these gift cards will result in billions of wasted, lost and unused dollars. Do you have a collection of gift cards? Don’t let them go to waste. Here are some tips to avoid losing and wasting your gift cards:

1. Keep your cards together. Knowing you have the gift card and where it is is the first step toward being able to redeem the value. Consider creating a file in your action filing system for Gift Cards or put your cards in a separate wallet so you can carry them around.

2. Ditch the cards and go digital. Gyft is a fantastic app for both Android and iOS. Easily upload your card information through your phone into your Gyft account and then let your phone become your gift card. Now you don’t have to carry around your gift card collection to use them and your information is backed up and safely stored so you don’t have to worry about losing your gift cards.

3.Alert yourself when you’re in a place where you can use a gift card. A wonderful feature in Google Keep is location-based alerts. For example, if you make a note that your have a gift card for a book store and you set the location of the bookstore in the note, then when you and your phone are in the bookstore your phone will send an alert to remind you that you are in a place for which you have a corresponding note. Create notes and location reminders for your gift cards in Google Keep, carry your cards with you and enjoy having a reminder to use your card when you are in the store. Apple users also have a location-based alert system built into the Reminders app. There have been some problems with it since the launch of iOS 7.

4. Let go of gift card guilt and burden. Donate or re-gift cards you’re unlikely to use. When it comes to gift-giving it really is the thought that counts. The person who gave you the card didn’t intend for you to feel burdened by a gift you many not use. Enjoy that someone was thinking of you and gave you a gift. Hold on to that joy and then spread the joy to someone else who may have a better use for the gift card

What do you do to make sure you use gift cards?
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    Happy New Year
    Dr. Oz Show Fans Team Leader
    1532 days ago
    Since laws were enacted a few years ago that make it so gift cards have no expiration date, there's no reason to toss any gift card unless it is used and you can't reload it (many gift cards can be reloaded to save on plastic being used to create new ones). This is great for consumers who put them aside then forget about them.

    If you get several e-gift cards (electronic gift cards that are emailed and are used online or printed to use in the store), some stores allow you to bring multiple e-gift cards into the store to combine them all onto one card. I've done this at Best Buy and JC Penney. Call customer service (found on the website) ahead of time to find out if it's possible, then if one cashier doesn't know how you can keep asking. So much better to carry one small gift card than a bunch of pieces of paper that can be dropped and taken by someone else. It also makes purchases much easier later on, especially during busy shopping times. (I combined 5 or 6 Best Buy e-gift cards onto a single card a few days before Black Friday when I knew I wanted to get a few specific deals.)

    There are several websites online that allow you to sell or trade your gift cards. Usually you don't get the full cost of the gift card, but it's better to have $20 than a $25 gift card to some random place you'll never shop at. Just be sure to research the website and look at reviews first to know that they're legit, not a scam. Some blogs and deal websites will list legit websites for selling and trading gift cards.

    Also, if you know someone prefers to give gift cards, drop hints about what stores you like most. That may help them choose the right gift card for you. When you get a gift card inside a greeting card, immediately take it out and put it somewhere safe. Nothing's worse than realizing weeks later that the gift card was thrown away or recycled during the wrapping paper cleanup.

    Another great tip is to include a receipt from buying the gift card (do it separately from other items) to show the amount on the card. Considering Target recently screwed up and didn't properly activate some cards purchased over the holiday season, anyone who can provide the receipt can prove how much should be on the card. This is also helpful in case the card is set aside for a few months or years, so the person knows how much was originally on it without having to check the balance online or in the store.
    1533 days ago
    Avoid buy and giving gift cards
    One day at a time
    1533 days ago
    1533 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1533 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I love gift cards-I keep them in my wallet and make plans to go places where I can use them. I also give them and try to pick places that my friends and family frequent a lot so I know that they will use them. I find that either a favorite restaurant of places like W-Mart are especially good as they tend to be used and not forgotten. I give a friend that doggy sits for Abbie cards to JoAnn's as she loves to sew. She won't take money for it so this is a gift to her from Abbie! My biggest problem is gas cards-our grocery offers a $50 gift card to several stations for $40 and I have purchased them, but their gas is usually several cents more so I tend to not go there but I do make sure I use them up. That will fill our car up twice and we only have to get gas about every 3 weeks under normal circumstances.
    1533 days ago
    Thanks for reminding us of these tips
    1533 days ago
    1533 days ago
    emoticon for the reminder.
    1533 days ago
    That reminds me that I have 2 sitting in my wallet right now! Need to use them up or I will forget them again. Thanks for the reminder!
    1533 days ago
    1533 days ago
    1533 days ago
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