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Friday, January 03, 2014

I love blogs. To write read them.

It's one of those cathartic things for me - when it actually hits a chord deep within that says "Hey, I get that" or "I felt the same way, and look at that...I am not alone."

Blogging it out... "venting" as we called it during our high school lunch session... is important.

Heck. It helped me get where I am right now in terms of my weight loss.

True stuff. Because if I didn't, well, then I would be still harboring things that I should have let go of a long time ago (or accumulated in my life along the way since then) that could have gotten out of my system loooooong long ago and I would still be where I was 5 years ago.

Wish I understood this type of therapy when I was in my teens. I probably would have been more put together sooner. Heck my Uncle has been blogging for the last 50 years....he has tons and tons of writings in his basement in composition notebooks.... he has always been one of the most calm people I have ever known in my life when I think about it.

I just read a friend of mine's blog she just started. That's what made me come here and write about it. We are FB friends...knew each other in h.s. ...probably would never have reconnected if not for social media... and it's a nice and good thing. emoticon What amuses me is that I have a lot of h.s. people that have "found me" and never realized I was who I was until FB - since in h.s. I was there, but quiet and not outgoing at all, unless you were a BFF. Continue my amusement here....I don't think I found myself really until I turned 35 (2008) and that was when I joined Sparkpeople. Coincidence? I think not. emoticon

Which brings me back to the blog subject.

I just read hers and it was about laughter - and social media - and how going through life changes with a sense of humor and reading it on FB is probably one of the best things because it makes things lighter and more real that you are not alone in all of these changes.

It touched a chord with me.

In the last year - I went through a bunch of changes, life changes, family dynamic changes... and I wrote about some of them on here, to vent to get by, to touch base... but I tend to keep things on a "how am I handling this to stay on maintenenance" because let's face it: this is a website for weight loss.

I compartmentalize social media. FB is for my sense of quick humor - touching base with people in the past, some current - I don't use it for work, or talk about work, or vent about work, family or anything major like religion or government (Heck -I try not to do that here too much either) - nor do I tout my kids as being awesome there (because they are pretty awesome, but I don't want to jinx it - LOL)... it's about laughter and getting through life with a quirky sense of humor.

Maybe she was talking about me in her blog - that's a nice thought, now isn't it. :) Or maybe at least one of the people she thought of when she was writing it :)

And if the above is not the case... I can at least think that a little bit because hey... the thought makes me smile, because her writing touched a chord.

I encourage you to write it out... whatever it is. Venting is probably one of the best things, next to exercise, to start doing when you are on your journey through life and weightloss. I look back and read some and go "really? I felt that way? about myself? Oh, yeah...I did." and sometimes I even shake my head at my past self and say "how sad you were" and I didn't even know it yet.

But through those blogs...people responded. Not a lot - this isn't about popularity here - but enough to know that I was heard - and it helped.
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  • DALID414
    Hmmm... I try not to be negative here in Spark. Not that I'm trying to be fake or pretend everything is fine and dandy ALL the time, I just don't want to bombard my Spark Friends with my 'dramas'... Not sure if that makes sense, personal preference I suppose.
    1514 days ago
    Before there was SparkPeople or Facebook or any of this social media, I used to keep a journal and found the venting process really therapeutic. But there's something even more therapeutic about getting all of your thoughts out there and then having other people say, "Yeah, I know what you mean!" Definitely makes us feel less isolated in our struggles and is an ever greater boost when we're doing well.
    1514 days ago
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