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Clearing Clutter and Opening to Life

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"Maybe you are not exactly sure about what form you want your life to take, but if you start to clear clutter, your authentic self will begin to emerge. It is one of the fastest ways to lighten the soul."

-Denise Linn, Soul Coaching

The last few years for me have been a crazy ride of moving, divorce, new jobs, and new relationships. I like that every time I move I lighten my load of physical objects and their emotional associations. I keep one box full of small things like my grandmothers' rings, a small felt cat that my daughter sewed for me when she was eight, a tiny inlaid wood box from my brother. I keep a second box full of journals that I've written and drawn in since age 8 to my current age now, 48. I don't buy souvenirs unless it is something that I will actually use, like a dishtowel, for instance. But I do save little pieces of paper like a business card from a restaurant that I had a special dinner at or a brochure from a vacation stay at a hotel or a handmade birthday card from my daughter and I paste these little momentoes into my current journal.

I was unpacking today and dusting my folding bookcases that are so easy to move--they are light and fold flat. I've decided to try to put all the things that I seldom use away in the spare bedroom closet so they won't get dusty. Everything left out will be things that I use often so they won't gather dust. My clothes are in the closet and drawers. My kitchen things are in the cupboards. The video games and DVDs can stay in their drawer of the TV stand.

I do believe in art on the walls, however. I spent too many years as a poor student and single mother living with bare, white walls. I don't mind dusting picture frames, it's fast and easy and worth it.

Today, I feel that I'm finally emotionally secure and confident enough to settle into this new apartment and get rid of some excess clutter. I've already started to fill a bag with old clothes to be dropped off at Goodwill. I feel brave and open and able to be with what is. No clinging to emotional anchors for me today. I'm ready to float free and swim, maybe even fly. What form will my life take without my self-imposed constrictions? I'm willing to find out.
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