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New years resolutions

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I had to look up the swedish translation for resolution - in swedish we use the word for "promise" for our new year decisions... and as always there is a discussion wether it is sane to make all these promises since you are probably going to fail anyway.

It is a fact that it will be hard to get into the gyms in january, some instructoir told med that it lasts three-four weeks and then it is back to normal. And I get very curious - is it the usual exercises who steps up their exercise a bit and go more times a week or is it completely new people who stays on for a while and then forget all about it... Since there are very few gyms who allows less than a six month card it will be an expensive resolution.

I like tha opportunity to think things over - but I also notice that I keep postponing to really sit down and put my plans on paper. And I have also noticed that it does not feel right to put up very detailed long term goals - I need to keep it small and close in the future.

The swedish support group for wieght loss I am in has started the first period for 2014 - it is fifteen weeks and will end in april. I failed my goal last period, had aimed for seven kilos down but reached only four, which surely is better than not losing at all but it stresses me. I can also notice that once I failed one week - the scale went up instead of down, I sort of lost it. The lady who runs the group makes beautiful graphs over our progress and once I had a notation over the line, I more or less lost it. That is really silly but a fact. So I am very happy to start with a clean plate - I have fifteen weeks where my goal is to have neutral or minus notations only... I had to set up a goal, I have some sort of idea in the back of my mind that it is reasonable to lose 20 kilos during 2014, that means I should work for two kilos a month or 0,4 kg a week. So I said about six kilos as a goal for the fifteen weeks ahead.

But my focus is closer than that, I meet my doctor the 13th of january and my primary goal is to lose the two kilos I gained during christmas, I admit that I want to show off for this doctor how successful I am wit my healthy ambitions...

I gave up the tracking before christmas - a sure method to gain weight. So it is important to get that going again, started saturday and will make that decision every morning.

Otherwise my eating is more depending on my budget thoughts - I buy food to often and too expensive, need to cut down because I want that money for other things, like traveling and maybe an interesting course in something... It immedeately got me into trouble, the idea was not to spend anything on food until saturday, but I am out of bananas for my morning smooothie. I remember a family I worked for as a nanny/housekeeper many years ago - we bought food once a week, the idea was to write down basic food as soon as you opened the last unopened box or bag and then I planned fo a weeks menu ahead. I think we did allow to buy extra milk if that was out. This family had five kids and a very efficient system for running the household. We bought one chunk of cheese every week (in swedish we eat a lot of bread and cheese for breakfast) and if the cheese was finished before our weekly shopping, we had to live without it. So I guess I will have to do my smoothie without banana until saturday, but I can feel my determination crumble. The idea is to shop once a week and so far it is january that is in the resolution, to try for the whole year is too much...

Another resolution is about humanism - there are dark powers bubbling under the surface in Sweden, anti-islam actions and hostility towards immigrants is growing with the growing unemployment figures and fear of euopean econimic future. We had a manifestation for humanity and democracy last sunday, 3000 people attended which is extraordinary many for our town.

I was there with daughter and friends but I had mixed emotions - it is really easy to walk out two hours on a sunday and togethere with a lot of other people like myself, stand on a square and say that we want democracy, progress for our immigrants and a friendsly society - but how many of us do really meet other nations and culture in our lives? So I have this idea that I will try to do something every day to make my surrounding less cold to strangers - today I am towing my firends car back from where it stopped the day before christmas, she is german ...:-) it is really not what I meant, my first idea is to address more strangers when I am out and about, I do it already, comments about the weather or lending a helping hand or asking about where things are, not much, just being everyday freindly and polite.

Exercise - this autmun has been great with exercise, I let it go for four days during christmas but then I have been on it again and I "just" have to keep it uyp to be well above the goal I set last summer.

Ah, the sky is turning pink in the east, time to take doggy for a long walk before everybaody else wakes up from their new uears celebrations!

Happy new 2014!
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  • 1SALMON1
    You are brave! Many goals, all good for you and for the world. I like especially the way you put it "making my surroundings less cold to strangers" - I will try to do that this year too.
    1480 days ago
    The U.S. is a nation of immigrants too (anyone who isn't Native American). But, people here sure don't act as if they are the immigrants; instead this country has an amazingly high number of people who discriminate against various races - including the only ones here who are not immigrants.
    1480 days ago
    Gott Nytt År! I'm going to the gym tomorrow morning and wondering if it'll be extra busy with NY Resolution exercisers. I'll go a bit earlier than usual just to be sure I can get an elliptical.

    I'm curious about the racism in Sweden, too. I've only met one of those people in person (at a dentist office in Stockholm) but I've seen it online and of course heard about it in the news. Very distressing. Canada has plenty of racism too but we've been multicultural for a long time, we are a nation of immigrants.

    I wish you all the best for 2014!
    1480 days ago
    Gyms count on a great number of people buying memberships, only to use them only a few times a year. Yes, people pay a lot of money counting on going to the gym and changing their lives, but then say, "tomorrow" "tomorrow" "tomorrow" when it comes to working out. And, before they know it the year is done, and they haven't used the gym hardly at all. And the gyms LIKE IT! After all, if everybody that bought memberships came regularly, there would be a lot of unhappy people over the crowded conditions.

    So, the gym sells an excess of memberships, figuring on a high drop out rate. And, they rake in the dough. And, the rest eat dough and get fatter.
    1480 days ago
    I'm looking forward to sharing 2014 with you. Let's make it a great year.
    1480 days ago
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Cecilia! Good to start out with food for thought! I don't make resolutions for the year; just give each day my best shot. Stay well!
    1480 days ago
    Happy New Year!!
    1481 days ago
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