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2013 Summary and envisioning 2014 - Ideal vs Real

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve! Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and wonderful 2014. I don't have anything big planned for the New Years, but I will still have a good time with my boyfriend. Last night I made some chili to have tomorrow!

I have done so much in 2013. I can't believe the year is over. BUT I did so much, so I cannot complain! I went to Tennessee, Williamsburg, Buffalo, saw Niagara Falls, Bushkill Falls, and many other places. I tried archery, rock climbing, pilates, cardio kickboxing, and frisbee golf. There were many recipes and projects I completed! I did a few 5K races and completed a few Spark team Challenges! I recently met my healthy goal weight of 155lbs!

I would like my happiness to continue in the next year! My yoga instructor mentioned something last night that I want to keep in mind every day: Real vs Ideal. There is the Idealistic point of view and there is also what is actually happening at the moment. We all have a vision of what we want to have, but sometimes we have to be happy with what is real and actually happening. I want to keep being grateful for everything! Dreams and goals are very important, but I need to realize that the Real is what is going to help me attain those goals. I can't just sit around envisioning what I want all the time. I need to get out there and keep moving forward!

I want to keep doing things NOW instead of putting them off. The only bad thing, is that I start to get impatient! I need to keep realizing that there are certain things that need TIME before it will happen. I need to wait and relax sometimes! Every day is important and special!

Here are some comparisons of 2012 and 2013!

2012: 184.23 Miles
2013: 172.8 Miles
That isn't TOO bad. but I really don't feel like that is enough! I did a lot more exercise, but not as much running and walking. I may not have tracked them all correctly, but I still wish it was more!

2012 Fitness Minutes: 6,834
2013 Fitness Minutes: 14,140
More than double! Woohoo!

2012 Starting Weight: 205
2013 Starting Weight: 160.4
2013 Ending Weight: 154.6
I started the year at 160 lbs. I kept going up and down and up and down! My highest seemed to be 163 and now I am at my goal weight at 155! When I wrapped up 2012 in a blog, I listed how much weight I lost every month. I can't do that anymore! I need to continue to be happy although I am not losing a lot of weight that I used to.

I have a list of what I would like to do in 2014. There are many specific things I would like to do, but here is a summarized list!
-Run at least four 5K races
-Continue to try and eat before I get hungry. Hungry = Grumpy and that isn't good for anyone!
-Try new things, go to new places
-Buy a home!
-Get at least 300 fitness miles!
-Complete challenges on Spark the best I can
-Be more realistic instead of just idealistic.
-Take time for myself
-Make new recipes and prepare for tax season by making batch meals
-Try to reach 1,500 fitness minutes every month
-Be OK even if I don't reach goals because every step counts
-Do my best to be a caring friend, daughter, girlfriend and person

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