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I bidged, I badged, I boodged!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I had my appointment on Dec 23, I usually weigh in only at this appointment and try for the non scale victories through the month. Last month my weight was the same to the tenth of a pound. I decided not to be frustrated. Instead I was determined. I worked hard. I was brutally honest with my tracking and because I just received my activity tracker I accepted only what it said. Even though I know it doesn't really do a great job with strength sessions and when I wore my heart rate monitor to my spin/TRX class the HRM said 500+ calories burned and the tracker said 250...
Upon weigh in I was disheartened but not surprised that I had lost only 1 (one) pound! all month. I was disheartened because I know I work hard, I was determined and motivated. I wasn't surprised because I really didn't feel the NSV. Everything felt the same.
Although the Doc admitted that I do appear to be stuck! he was actually excited about the one pound loss!

He recited the Pooh Bear analogy...
Pooh goes to visit Rabbit and asks for a little 'smackerel of honey'.
After eating all the honey..

he gets stuck in Rabbit's hole. After days of pushing and pulling and heaving and hoeing Rabbit leans on Pooh with exhaustion... and exclaims "he bidged, he badged, he boodged!" and to everyone's relief Pooh finally got out of the hole he was stuck in!

Apparently I bidged enough to make him happy.

However...I know I am stuck. I've hit that plateau I was determined to never hit. In the past I reached this weight and sat here for over a year. I was never able to break the plateau. I became frustrated and threw in the towel. I adopted the I can't philosophy!
I don't want to do that again! What to do?...

This is the plan.
This will not be an easy one for me.
The Doctor has, at every appointment, said eat high protein foods and watch carbs (grains, processed foods, crackers, cereal, bread, chocolate and other sugar). I thought, no problem for me, I quit wheat. Problem solved. In fact I was wrong. I love corn bread, rice crackers, naco chips, granola and snuck in quite a bit of chocolate (in fact). But I did track it and stayed with in range. In fact I my calorie intake was consistently 3-500 calories lower than my fitness out. He said that there is new studies that defuse the belief that the only factor to weight loss is "burn more calories than you consume". Apparently there is more to it (no kidding)!
Now he says "it's time to eliminate carbs - processed and simple.
We discussed that fat is not my enemy! Insulin is my enemy. Allowing my body to continue to boss me around by burning only carbohydrates for energy rather than fat has to stop. I have to take a strong stand. I have to control the sugar spikes.
Keep vegetables and fruits to non-equatorial, so no mangoes, bananas, cantaloupe etc. Eat only northern hemisphere items like apples, pears, plums, cherries, raspberries and blueberries.
I have no idea how to eat this way. I have been reading the Atkins program but don't know if I want to be that radical. I am not sure if I could eat beef for breakfast?
I've looked at some of the low carb teams. I am thinking I could get some direction and support from them.
If anyone has any experience with low carb eating and has any ideas on how to start, I would be very grateful if you gave me a nudge so I can continue to bidge, badge, budge my way off this plateau!
I also would like to hear of other peoples side effects from reducing/eliminating carbs and sugar... I've had a low grade headache all day - did I not have enough coffee? ;-o
Happy New Year!
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    I wish you all success in this. We're all so very different as far as what works for us goes. I tried Atkins ( well as every other eating plan on the planet, I think), and it appealed to me as sort of an "all or nothing" solution. I did get used to the food, and did lose a considerable amount of weight, but I didn't feel at all well. Moderation is the only thing that seems to help me lose and feel right at the same time, albeit very slowly.

    You and your doctor will figure out what works for YOU, one step at a time. I congratulate you on the pound lost, ESPECIALLY since you've managed to not gain at this tricky time of year! Good for you!
    1357 days ago
    I eat lower carb by necessity and it works great when I am on the diet. I think it will really help you.
    1357 days ago
    As a nutritionist, I think the South Beach diet makes the most sense when it comes to eating a low carb diet. Your library probably has a copy so you can check it out and see what you think.

    I'm not going to be going low carb, but am seriously thinking about bumping my protein up to 30%of my calories and see what affect that has on my weight loss.

    emoticon on the pound down. That's a big win during this season. Cheering you on.
    1358 days ago

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    1358 days ago
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    1358 days ago
    I will tell you that eliminating the KINDS of carbs you mention (processed and simple - especially sugars) has REALLY helped me. At first I missed them, and now I can eat a few, but my digestive system is happier, my blood sugar is greatly improved, and my weight is slowly dropping. Caffeine withdrawal can result in headaches - when I quit the Coke, I thought I was having a stroke my headaches were so bad - when I realized it was caffeine withdrawal, instead of going back to the Coke, I took one of the painkillers with caffeine for a few days and the headaches went away - Exederin, or a couple of others have caffeine in them to help speed pain relief,
    1358 days ago
    I don't know anything about low carb eating, so I can't give you any advice there. Good luck with it, though! I hope it helps! emoticon emoticon
    1358 days ago
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