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Fast Break Goals to Avoid Overeating

Monday, December 30, 2013

Fast break goals, simple goals that you can track every day, work! I spent November and December refining my goals to eat a healthy breakfast, blog regularly, and exercise in the morning. I'm doing it!

Routines are a lifeline to creating good habits. I need to put some structure around my late afternoon and evening eating habits. I want to create a fast break goal to avoid overeating, but I'm not sure how to craft it. "Stop a binge"? That's a good aspiration, but I don't know if I can. I need something more tactical. How do you say no? No, really, how do YOU do it? I scoured the secrets to success and found a few things, but most I've heard before.

First, something I'm already doing is preparing a protein snack to have just before I leave work, so I'm not famished while making dinner. This has helped.

I've had some success drinking water or hot tea. I could re-enlist that tactic. Brushing and flossing is also an interesting idea. I would already be at home and I tend to forget to floss most days anyway!
emoticon emoticon

Know your trigger points. Hmm, this is a good thing too. It's not a fast break goal, but understanding what sets me off will help me create a goal that works. I honestly don't know. I know I'm fine when I'm at work and busy. I get hungry, but I never feel out of control. Well, I did once, when I allowed myself access to the snack shack because I didn't bring a lunch. But for the most part, I have serious control when I'm at work or in public. It's at home, when I've had time to decompress that I fall apart.

Yesterday, I did my strength training in the morning and walked 5 miles in the early afternoon. Prior to the afternoon workout, I stuck to my food plan. I proceeded to make my lunch: a salmon filet on a bed of spinach with a tomato and croutons and mini croissant, which was roughly 500 calories. That meal seemed to open the flood gates. I just could not get sated!

Hmm, I just realized the last time I overdid it was also a strength training day. I wonder if I need to adjust my macronutrients when I lift. More carbs?

I guess knowing my triggers requires further thought. I have no clue. I hate to end a blog with no resolution, so here's what I'm going to do:

1. Add "flossing to stop a binge" to my daily goals. I like that it tackles two things at once!
2. Keep track of everything that happened in the day leading to the overeating.

Once I understand why, I'm confident that I can put some binge blockers in place.

Thanks for following my meandering thoughts today! Please share any tips, resources, spark teams, et cetera that you use to avoid overeating.

Update: I found a few more tips I liked from (where I found the kitty food coma pic)

1) Reduce the size of your plate ... Trick your mind into eating smaller amounts while still finishing your plate!
2) Put your meal on your plate and the left overs in the fridge ... straight away. Don't tempt yourself with an extra little bit!
3) Drink a glass of water before dinner and kick start your satiety.
4) Enjoy your meal and eat slowly ... let you body register that it is full.
5) Take a walk as exercise can aid digestion .... and your putting distance between you and your food!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, what a great blog! Normally I would not be able to "digest" (pardon the pun) a detailed blog at 4:15 am, but this was compelling, Saphrael. I took some notes including that "Routines are a lifeline to creating good habits." It's nice how you've revisited and refined your goals. Cute double-serving icon for tooth flossing, lol. emoticon
    1538 days ago
    That's interesting that you want to overeat the days you do weight training. I guess your body is saying it needs extra nutrients? Maybe, for those days, you can have a protein smoothies or something like that for the extra help you may need. emoticon I would read articles here in SP about weight training and see if it is normal to feel more hungry. I am impressed with your careful blog and how you are keeping track of your goals. emoticon
    1538 days ago
    I use a few on your list. I drink 16 oz of water while I'm making dinner and I am a very slow eater.
    1538 days ago
    To stop bingeing, this is what I do. May not work for everyone.

    1) Make sure what I have in the house is tasty and healthy
    2) Measure out my portions before I leave the kitchen
    3) Track every single bite, even if I overdo
    4) If I feel like I just have to eat and eat (binge) I measure out exactly one portion, leave the kitchen, and eat with pleasure, letting myself know if I want more in half an hour, I can do it again
    5) I don't know exactly how to put this one in words, but basically, I remind myself that I'm a grownup who can eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants, so there's no need to eat it all now--the feeling of scarcity that makes me want to stuff it all in now is false, and comes from a time when someone other than me was in control of what went in my mouth.
    1539 days ago
  • TANYA602
    I love the tips here. Unfortunately, my binge time is when I am at school grading papers. I find myself riffling thru drawers looking for ANYTHING to eat. I found that the Power Bar Gel Blast Chews work for me because I eventually get kind of sick of them. An apple and hard-boiled egg do the trick, as well as drinking lots of water. Being in a challenge and tracking are what truly keep me accountable.
    Good job with the fitness! Enjoy your next couple of days off!
    1539 days ago
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