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National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Monday, December 30, 2013

National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

When : Always December 30

National Bicarbonate of Soda Day National Bicarbonate of Soda Day, or Baking Soda Day, celebrates the many benefits and uses of Bicarbonate of Soda.

Just how does Baking Soda work and what, specifically, does it do? Few people seem to know. It's quite simple. We will skip the chemistry lesson and how Baking Soda is made. Let's just talk to what it is, and what it does. Bicarbonate of soda is a chemical compound - sodium carbonate or sodium bi-carbonate. When heated, it creates carbon dioxide, a gas. The gas aids a variety of bakery products to rise as they cook.

Many people just think of Bicarbonate of Soda as something you use for baking. But, it has so many more uses. Here are just a few of them:

Baking- helps baked goods, like bread, to rise
Relieve stomach indigestion and heartburn when mixed in water
Removing odors in the refrigerator, vents, storage areas, and closets
Removing odor in kitty litter
It is used in fire extinguishers for grease and oil fires
It is often used as a cleaning agent
It can be used as a meat tenderizer
Put it in water with beans to minimize flatulance from eating beans
Polish Silverware
Remove burned food from a pot or a pan
And, the list goes on, and on, and......
Origin of National Bicarbonate of Soda Day:
Despite a whole lot of reference to this day, we found no content to help to identify the origin or the creator of this day.

With so many uses, it would sure make sense for Baking Soda to have a national day of recognition. Informally, it is indeed called a "National" day. However, we found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

This Day in History December 30

Granada massacre: A Muslim mob storms the royal palace in Granada, crucifies Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela and massacres most of the Jewish population of the city. (1066)

Queen Anne's War: James Moore, Governor of the Province of Carolina, abandons the Siege of St. Augustine. (1702)

The Treaty of St. Louis (1816) between the United States and the united Ottawa, Ojibwa, and Potawatomi Indian tribes is proclaimed. (1816)

The Treaty of St. Louis (1825) between the United States and the Shawnee Nation is proclaimed. (1825)

Gadsden Purchase: The United States buys land from Mexico to facilitate railroad building in the Southwest. (1853)

A fire at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, Illinois kills at least 605. (1903)

Former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg is assassinated at the front gate of his home in Caldwell. (1905)

The All-India Muslim League is founded in Dacca, East Bengal, British India. It went on to lay the foundations of Pakistan. (1906)

Lincoln's Inn in London, England, UK admits its first female bar student. (1919)

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is formed. (1922)

Edwin Hubble announces the existence of other galactic systems. (1924) Yes, the Hubble telescope was later named after him.

The United Auto Workers union stages its first sitdown strike. (1936)

The Cole Porter Broadway musical, Kiss Me, Kate (1,077 performances), opens at the New Century Theatre and becomes the first show to win the Best Musical Tony Award. (1948)

Vietnam War: The United States halts heavy bombing of North Vietnam. (1972)

For the second time, Ted Bundy escapes from his cell in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. (1977)

In the 39th game of his third NHL season, Wayne Gretzky scores five goals, giving him 50 on the year and setting a new NHL record previously held by Maurice Richard and Mike Bossy, who earlier had each scored 50 goals in 50 games. (1981)

Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel. (1996)

In the worst incident in Algeria's insurgency, the Wilaya of Relizane massacres, 400 people from four villages are killed. (1977)

A fire in the Rep├║blica Cromagnon nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina kills 194. (2004)

Tropical Storm Zeta forms in the open Atlantic Ocean, tying the record for the latest tropical cyclone ever to form in the North Atlantic basin. (2007)

The Indonesian passenger ferry MV Senopati Nusantara sinks in a storm, resulting in at least 400 deaths. (2006)

Former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein is executed. (2006)

A suicide bomber kills nine people at Forward Operating Base Chapman, a key facility of the Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan. (2009)

Owing to a change of time zone the day is skipped in Samoa and Tokelau. (2011)
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