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Friday, December 27, 2013

The holidays have wreaked havoc with my gym schedule. My gym is locally owned, as opposed to being owned by some soulless corporate overlord. And, as is often the case with small locally-owned businesses, they treat their employees well. There were no classes after 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve, nor will there be any after 11 a.m. on New Years Eve. The club closed at noon on Christmas Eve and it will close at 5 p.m. on New Years Eve. It was closed Christmas and will be closed New Years Day. *sigh* Here I am with all this time off and no gym to go to because they give their employees time off.

The Hubs and I went for walks on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Normally, we'd be visiting his family, but with the holiday being in the middle of the week we opted to stay home. (We're going to visit his mom this weekend.) They were 3-mile walks, and I was impressed because he kept up a 3 mph pace both days. (That's a little quick for him.) So I didn't go for a swim or get my but kicked by the Spin Nazi; I did treasure that time with the Hubs, though.

Got in a Group Ride with Eric (Spin Nazi) last night. I got a painful reminder why us old folks are reminded to do high cadences to save our knees: I had the resistance up really high (Eric kept yelling at me!) and I was probably at a cadence of about 10 RPM. Heck, I'm a HillSlug, and I never climb that slow. (Primarily because I'd fall over if I tried.) My left knee hated it. Next time, I'll probably not let the mean Uber-fit man at the front of the class goad me into destroying the connective tissue in my knee. Probably.

Had a weird pain that I've NEVER felt before: When I stood up (on the pedals), I felt twinges in the phlanges in my left foot. Ever since my surgery last June (removing out-of-date abdominal organs, had nothing to do with my foot), my left foot has been weird. If I brush up against the outside of my foot (pinky toe side), it's quite tender. That tenderness is in the same area that hurt like the dickens last night. But that's it: just some random tenderness. And I've been running on it since my surgeon cleared me to run back in July. It never hurts while running, and last night was the first time it hurt during anything other than bumping up against something.

I've had a few other random oddities since my surgery. My thirst seems to have increased at least 50%. My feet cramp fairly regularly. I suppose I should go to the doctor, but it's pretty random complaints. On the plus side, my doctor is a runner, so he's probably more apt to recognize weird random foot problems than an obese chain-smoking doctor. (Or at least more inclined to be sympathetic.)

I was supposed to do a strength training workout last night, but Eric left me weary and a little cranky. I'm planning to go for a swim tonight after work and then do a strength training workout. Or maybe I'll just do the strength training. Maybe I'll just wait and see how the mood strikes me when I get there. (Always a dangerous option.)

Oh, and I noticed that Eric wasn't sweating last night. I kind of hate him for that. He's doing at least 120 RPM cadence with his resistance cranked way up and he's not even dewy. Dude, you could at least pretend it's difficult for you.

emoticon emoticon emoticon (why isn't there an ice bag emoticon?)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad that your doc is athletic, too. Good job on all your working out. I am hoping for you to get some answers to your post-surgery issues soon.
    971 days ago
  • v MISSG180
    Surgery can lead to all kinds of weird little nerve reactions. I hope yours clear up quickly.
    974 days ago
  • v HILLSLUG98239
    I agree about the increased thirst. That, combined with the foot cramps, points to a possible thyroid issue (according to WebMD). I have a strong family history of Type II diabetes; if the increased thirst was more marked, I would have gone to the doctor much sooner.

    I had a four-week recovery post-op. All I could do was walk. I walked a LOT, but that was all I did. It's possible something has changed about my stride, but I'm unsure what the mechanism would be. I haven't been on a real bike in about 6 weeks. My road bike is currently in the shop, and once she's healed my LBS guy is going to re-fit me to the bike. I'm looking forward to that.

    One of the joys of middle age is stuff just hurts. I usually shrug it off. I don't think I recognized how much I was hurting prior to my surgery because I was a peri-menopausal woman and I figured the answer I'd get from a doctor was "stuff just hurts." The foot issue has gotten to the point that it's interfering with things that are important to me, so it's time to go to the doctor. (I got out of the pool earlier than I'd planned last night because my right foot was cramping up.)

    I think I'm giving myself enough recovery time. I still take a day or two a week completely "off," with the possible exception of a walk with the Hubs. I skip a day between the same workout, and I'm sticking to my 2-times-a-week schedule for running, swimming, riding, and strength training. I'm struggling to get enough sleep, but I've been reassured by other crones that this will work itself out in time.

    As you probably tell, I've spent a lot of time analyzing this. If I worked my body as hard as I worked the analytical part of my brain, I'd be in much better shape.
    975 days ago
    Hello Slugger,

    Um, I wonder if you are walking, running and pedaling a bit differently since your surgery. Sometimes if a person has some pain or tenderness in one part of the body, the person will subconsciously move in a way to minimize the pain. Unfortunately, favoring one side or another can lead to strains and sprains. I guess that may be something to thing about.

    On a stationary bike, I like to keep my cadence pretty high. I have a "natural" cadence range from 80 rpm to 110 rpm. 90 rpm is really ideal for me.

    I think going to the doctor is a good idea. Have you increased your activity lately? Are you giving your body time to recuperate between workouts?

    Random little pains that pop-up then go away are pretty common. The increase in thirst sounds a bit suspect.

    Take Care, Bruce

    975 days ago
  • v HILLSLUG98239
    I'm pretty sure the seat is at the right height. I'm more comfortable blaming the Spin Nazi.

    975 days ago
  • v APONI_KB
    did you have the bike at the right height?

    I can't remember the rule of thumb but there is some little thing about how if the front of your knee hurts the seat is too high and if its the back the seat is too low.

    that's probably wrong though

    I'm about to hit my busy time at work so who knows what will happen to my gym time. ugh
    975 days ago
  • v ZAEMOM
    Good for you for working out even when it wasn't convenient! I hope you are ok!
    975 days ago
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