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I should be wrapping my cousins presents but I am writing this entry~

Thursday, December 26, 2013

During Christmas my niece "K" exclaimed it was the best Christmas ever. She received her Monster High dolls, looming supplies and a Tablet so that had something to do with it lol, she's 11. My lil one said just about the same thing when she saw her laptop, Monster High dolls, gift cards, clothes and Quillow in her favourite colours purple and black from grandma. Plus she received her art supplies that she wanted so she is high on life lol. She has books for her book reader so she is having a great time.

Paolo is happy he got what he wanted, the marriage, his new workout equipment, reference books, a few gift cards, a Quillow in dark brown and gold and I provided him with his wine so he is a happy camper. He's Italian let him have his wine, he and my Mom have a glass once in a while.

It was a lovely Christmas and not too overdone. Paolo and I set a budget and came in under what we set for the 2 young ones and everyone in the family. I decided to get Paolo what he wanted in terms of weights, my dad went with me to get them because I could not deal with the weights, too heavy and Paolo would of had a cat about it. He has a cat when I get on a stepstool to get something off the top shelf in the pantry which I am perfectly capable to do myself. He should do it for my Mom if he's going to get a temper about it. He can be a little chauvinistic and I told him chill out a little on that front. I suppose I can be a little more understanding but it irritates me sometimes and he can see my right eyebrow arch and the expression I get. I told him it'll take me time to see his way of thinking about that score. If I can do it and its not heavy and he isn't round then I'm going to do it. If he is in the vicinity he can do what I need then fine!

Paolo asked me this morning am I happy to be married to him. (I think he just needed reassurance since it was a surprise) I said yes, of course, I love you. I wouldn't have let the man and his kids move in with me if I wasn't seriously committed. He's funny because then he said I know that I was just giving you one last chance to back out since we'll be married until the end. I said the end of what and he said until when we pass over to the other side. I said that makes sense and laughed somewhat and he had to laugh cause I laughed. (Okay, I'm going off the track here) We had a very nice lunch and my Mom had made lemon cake with chocolate frosting as our wedding cake and my sister decorated it nicely. Paolo digs lemon and chocolate together and I don't mind it so that was what we had. I liked having a very simple wedding and Paolo knew that so he made it happen.

My FitBit Force is really nice, slate not black but I'll use it in January. I'm already addicted to the Zip so I want to be sure I am good with the wrist action lol. I loaded in my EGCS for Amazon and I don't have anything pressing to acquire so I may just use them through the year when my parents or Paolo say they need something for their birthdays. If I want something particular I'll probably do it as well. My brother got my Whirly Word somehow and its on my tablet. Oh yeah, I have a tablet. I'll probably use it for that and book reading and other tasks while I am not on my laptop working. Paolo and my brother got it for my for Xmas even if I said I didn't need or particularly want it. I gave my brother bourbon balls for Xmas in the way he wanted them and he was happy. His wife I gave a gift card to for Old Navy she looks like an advertisement for Old Navy honestly. My mom gave me my walking shoes for Christmas in the form of a gift card from Skechers. There is a store on the Strip so when the kids get back to school I'll head down there and get the pair I want, slide in of course!

My dad made me some shelves today in my pantry & closet since I complained too much about not having any he said. He said he'd rather do it since Paolo is always working or finishing the backyard, working out or handling other things. Paolo is challenged when it comes to building shelves and that type of thing anyhow, he'd say it himself. Plus my dad and Paolo are working over at the charity finishing up a few tasks there Saturday evening for a few hours and they are always getting into something together.

I'll cover "The Writing Diet" later and I went to Target with my sister earlier because her girls needed jeans and she had gift cards there for over a hundred so she only paid $11 out of pocket at the end. We had El Pollo Loco for lunch, which was a chicken burrito small and under 500 calories, score! Wrapping the gifts for my cousins in a bit since they will be here tomorrow afternoon! No more wrapping until March :)~
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