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2014: lets get this party started

Thursday, December 26, 2013

they say if you start planning your new year's resolutions early you will be more successful. i have found this true with all my monthly and yearly goals. if i plan well, my rate of success is much better. i can give up soda if i allow myself to chug it non-stop the week leading up the cut-off date. just tell yourself one more than you're done. have a plan, plan well and be strong. here we are the week before the new year. it's time to start planning!

i started planning back in october. i want to give up processed food. that's huge, so it has taken a lot of planning. i had to come up with what i consider processed food. when you get down to it, basically everything is processed. if it comes in a package, there was a process to get it there. i had to decide for myself how strict i was going to be. i read somet stuff that said anything with more than 5 ingredients was processed, another said anything with more than 10. pasturized milk, though milk is the ingredient, is processed. where do i want to draw the line? i bought a loaf of 21-grain vegan, vegetarian, etc bread the other day. read the label and there were over 21 ingredients listed. is this disqualified? there are so many factors to deciding what i personally consider processed food. there are no concrete answers, my game my rules, right? yes, the bread was processed, but it didn't have any of the scary processed food ingredients that i'm trying to avoid. no trans fats, no hydro-corn-yada-yada. i felt good purchasing the bread and i felt good about feeding it to my family. i bought it because it was on sale for 10 cents more than the regular non-organic version. bread is not something i'm going to be purchasing a lot of in the next year. i'm going to make a lot of the more processed foods. it's going to be fun!

so here are my guidelines:
5-10 ingredients
no artificial sugars
if i can make it myself, i will.
no pre-packaged anything
no deep fried anything
no soda

other than that, everything will be on a day to day, food to food basis. i'm not looking to buy everything organic, i'm just looking for more whole, natural foods.

this will also save me money. i'm trying to get my monthly shopping budget down to $300 or less a month. i feel that taking out convience foods will really help with this.

my other 2014 goals:
continue my november 2013 1 year goal: lose weight, work out, etc
get out of debt (well, put a huge dent in my debt)

i'm going to concentrate on a new goal every month. january will be feed my family on $100 worth of groceries. this will be my most difficult goal so far. i started this early as well. i took inventory of my freezer and pantry and built a menu around that. thank goodness i have a 16 lb turkey in there!

february is all about saving money. the goal is to not spend any money on anything that isn't necessary and needed right then and there. that will be more difficult than january's goal.

in march there are a lot of birthdays, so i'm going to work on homemade gifts for friends and family that i can give out throughout the year.

april is all about decluttering the house and getting stuff gathered for a yard sale.

that's as far as i've gotten on my monthly goals.

this all seems like a lot, but together all the goals will work together to achieve weight loss, removal of debt and the overall goal of getting past this point in my life. i can't live overweight and stressed out anymore. we're miserable, it's time to make big sacrifices so we can live a happier, healthier life.
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