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Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Sexting..... What is next....

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I always hear about bullying being an issue in schools these days but don't pay too much attention to it other than trying to teach my children to stay strong, stand for what they believe in and to have somewhat of an understanding on why people even do this.

I had no idea my 12 year old step-daughter was dealing with this until yesterday. She has a cell phone (her dad got her so we can reach her when needed) and she has a facebook page (which we maintain access to at all times). We were on our way to family's house and she said...ugh... as she was looking at her phone.

I questioned her and she showed me the conversation on her facebook page - of a young man (insert my own explicative here) who seems to be aggressively seeking her affection. I never knew kids this age even knew some of the words he was using.

She had not responded to him and this conversation dated back several months. She also said he bugs her at school....

So I took her phone and responded to him for her... simply saying "please call me at (insert her daddy's phone number here)"

We havent received the call but something tells me we will....

In the mean time, I feel like a counselor or teacher/administrator at the school probably needs to be aware of the situation.

Im proud of our kiddo for not getting involved in it, but my heart breaks for her to even have to deal with these things.

I guess they have to grow up sometime... but geeze - lets just get through 7th grade.

Any experiences or advice?
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    My son was brutally bullied in middle school that's where the bullying gets into high gear. She shouldn't be using her cell phone or have a face book account as it makes things worse and it follows the child. I understand he gave her a cell to get in touch when he wants, but it should of been only for that reason.
    My son came home bloodied from a school function where the teachers, Principal and VP were right there supposedly watching.... You have to document everything we even went to the Superindentant and he had his elderly secretary come out and tell us to deal with the school.
    The school will only try and put this on your step daughter , it's the victim that gets blamed for the bullying.
    If you want this to stop you need to go to the police and they have a certain restraining order for kids that bully at school, cops take this seriously the schools don't they don't want to get involved or get sued.
    WE WENT THROUGH HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not just the child that goes through the bullying the whole family does, I was at the school daily because I didn't want my son to become a statistic, he had kids telling him she shouldn't of been born and why doesn't he go kill himself ... or go kill yourself and do us all a favor...
    You have to nip it in the butt, middle school years were the worst and you have to constantly talk to your daughter so she has a place to vent and know that someone cares and has her back.
    We had to press charges against one kid, it was a total nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck I don't wish this kind of hell on anyone... I'd get rid of the facebook account and change the phone number on her phone and tell her it's only for use for her getting in touch with her dad, honestly it's the best thing she can do...
    1335 days ago
    Contact the school authorities about this immediately. I'm glad this happened when you could do something about it before it went too far. Sounds to me like cyber stalking.

    It's a strange new world that has the same old world's problems. Just wrapped up a little differently.
    1335 days ago
    Report him to the Facebook people. I am not in Facebook anymore but I believe that they do keep taps on that. If they don't, there is a way to block him from her page (well, there was a way). If Facebook isn't that important to her. do some research for other social medias for her and then ask her to invite, privately, all her Facebook friends to the other social network. And last but not least, you may want to talk to the school officials. Harassment is illegal. God bless you all. She is lucky to have loving parents who care about her. emoticon
    1335 days ago
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