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Scary stuff - Transient Global Amnesia (TGA)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We were doing some shopping yesterday. We split up in order to get it over with (we both dislike shopping) and planned to meet up at a certain time and location. I was finishing up with the last item on my list when my cell phone rang. "Where are you?" DH wanted to know. I told him and expected to see him coming around the corner..... but after a few minutes, no sight of him.

I called him "Where are you?"

"I don't know" he replied.

Well, neither did I. We were in a big store but he couldn't focus on anything around him to tell me his location, which department of the store he was in, what type of merchandise was on the shelves around him. Nothing.

I'm so thankful that we had our cell phones on us. I spent 10 minutes talking with him, running back and forth in the aisles trying to find him. Only after I asked him to give his phone to a passerby was I able to locate him.

He looked like a deer in the headlights - confused, frightened, no .... terrified. He was sweating profusely. He didn't know where he was (which store) how we got there, nothing about the past few minutes.

Fast forward to the ER where he was probed and prodded and scanned. Dr said the results were as good as an 18 year old. No trace of cardiac or neurologic trauma (heart attack, stroke, TIA, etc). that's when he told us about TGA - transient global amnesia.

From what we can tell, it seems to be a neurological manifestation similar to a migraine. Or, as the Dr told us, a migraine is a neurological episode that most commonly manifests itself as a headache, when in fact there are a number of other manifestations (such as TGA) that are not noticed, reported or diagnosed.

DH is still feeling a bit unsettled about the experience, but other than that, VERY thankful to be safe at home.

Although TGA reoccurrences are not common, we've talked about how best to handle another episode, just in case.

I am SOOOOO thankful . . . having him home and healthy is ALL I want for Christmas.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    oh my gosh. Be well !
    1547 days ago
    That is so frightening. I never heard of that before. So glad your DH is ok.
    1548 days ago
    Goodness, how scary...glad everyone is home safely.
    1549 days ago
    Oh My, how scary!! I hope all is well now and you are enjoying Christmas morning!
    1549 days ago
    You're right, that IS scary! I've never heard of TGA, and I pray it never recurs!
    1549 days ago
    That must have been terrifying for both of you! Peter has had several TIA's, but I've never heard of TGA. Thank you so much for telling us about it.

    Hope your DH never has another incident.

    Hugs, Gail emoticon
    1549 days ago
    Wow! So it is confusion without physical causation such as stroke, etc. This is a new one for me to learn about.

    So happy he is ok.
    1550 days ago
    if anything similar happens again go see a neurologist , it could be a transient ischemic attack and there is treatment to prevent those. I wish you and your husband a merry Christmas and good health.
    1550 days ago
    How unnerving! My heart goes out to both of you!

    emoticon Have a blessed Christmas! emoticon
    1550 days ago
    How scary! Glad he was checked out at least has some answers!

    Merry Christmas to you and hugs.
    1550 days ago
    Both of you have a very Merry Christmas
    1550 days ago
    Wow, glad all is ok, now
    1550 days ago
    I have never heard of it but my prayers are with both of you.
    1550 days ago
    Good to be prepared, but I hope you never experience this again.
    1550 days ago
    How scary for both of you. I'm glad everything is OK now. I don't know what a TGA is but TIA's are bad enouth. Stay safe and Have a Merry rest of your Christmas . God Bless
    1550 days ago
    I'm glad he is alright. How frightening!

    1550 days ago
    emoticon A True Reality Check for all of us! I cannot imagine how Terrifying those minutes were as you were desperately trying to find him! Saying a Prayer of Thanks for you both, and Praying that all of us remember how Truly Blessed we are!!
    1550 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I had never heard of TGA either...and actually, I hope I never do again. That is certainly scary and I am so glad he is okay now and not likely to have a recurrence of it. I agree...that would be the BEST Christmas present to me too! Hope the rest of your Christmas is without anything bad! emoticon
    1550 days ago
    Good thing you were there to help him. And bless that passerby for assisting too. So glad it all worked out for you both. emoticon
    1550 days ago
    I had never heard of a TGA until my uncle had one in 2009. He was 80 and as he always did, had driven from Bozeman MT to Casper WY to spend Thanksgiving with the nephews, nieces, grands, and great grands.
    It hit him while he was in the middle of a conversation with my brother. Scary!
    They took him to the ER where the doctors gave him the works!
    Two days later he drove 500 miles home, and hasn't had any problem since.
    TGA is weird, but fortunately not lasting!
    Best wishes to you both!
    1550 days ago
    How scary - glad that he is okay now and that you both home safe. I pray it never happens again!!

    1550 days ago
    Having been through similar situations with my hubby (where they WERE strokes), it's a terrifying interval until you know. Did he have the "aura" some people get with migraines? If he is driving, or worse, riding, just those few seconds to get off the road can save him. With a stroke you are fine one second and down the next. I have had migraines and I always know in time to take the medication.
    1550 days ago
    OH my! What a frightening experience! I am glad it was resolved quickly and easily. While I'm sure it is unsettling -- the odds are definitely in your favour!

    Have a warm & wonderful Christmas! Thank you so very much for being such a loving supportive friend! We are going to kick butt in 2014 too! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Meow for now,
    1550 days ago
    Oh my what a frightful experience both of you had , I am so sorry ! I am so happy you found each other and that a Good person was there to help ! Hugs Karen
    1550 days ago
    Oh how frightening for both of you. I'm so glad he is okay! You can count one more blessing this holiday season!

    1550 days ago
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