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FIL doctor appointment

Saturday, December 21, 2013

So we took FIL to the doctor yesterday. We made him walk in and he looks and walks like an 180 year old man. All hunched over and scuffing his feet. but we got him in to see the doctor. He told the doctor he was not having any pain and the doctor basically told him he needs to start exercising and walking more little by little so that he gets up to walking 3 times per day for 15 minutes. The head nurse and gal that owns the nursing home had asked if she could go with us to the appointment to hear what the doctor said so she heard it too. My DH now has made up a chart for him to check things off each day including the amount of water he drinks. So we will see if he takes it upon himself to improve or not. It really now is up to him.

On another note, is anyone else out there seeing even more pop ups on the sparks web site? Does anyone know how to stop pop ups? It just feels like there are tons now and they actually get in the way of what you are trying to do on sparks. I know sparks has to have advertisers to keep the site free but gee whiz it's annoying.

Happy first day of winter.
Have a good one.
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JANIEWWJD 12/23/2013 1:31AM

    I really hope that you FIL listens to his doctor and starts doing more on his own!!!!! He needs to listen to you, Sallie, because you are always so positive. I will be praying for him!!! Have a great day and take care of yourself.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LIS193 12/22/2013 11:02AM

    Maybe now the doctor has told him to walk more, he will!

I downloaded an adblocker (google it) and it works great!

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GOANNA2 12/22/2013 7:59AM

    It's now up to your FIL to take control of his life
and follow the doctor's orders. You can't do any
more. I hate those pop-ups too and hope that
Spark gets rid of them. Have a nice day. emoticon

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123ELAINE456 12/22/2013 3:09AM

  I'm glad that You and your Husband took your FIL to the doctor yesterday. Maybe He feels He is to much of a Burden on You and Your Husband. Plus Others involved with his care. Have You Thought of Having a Mental Health Nurse come in to talk to him. They have a way to talking to someone and bring them out of things like this. It may take a few times a regular basis to get to the bottom of things but it could help. Maybe He feels like he has nothing to look forward to live too. He needs to have something in his life that he wants to do to give him the motivation to work for so he can do it. Give it some serious thought. Maybe Your Husband and FIL could go on a fishing trip after he gets better. Or some other kind of trip or things he like to do. This is a suggestion but is worth trying for FIL. Let us know how things are going for him. Yes I have had a lot of problems with Pop Ups to. They are no fun having to deal with on every page at time. I hope SparkPeople can do something about them too. God Blessings to Everyone Always.

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DJ4HEALTH 12/22/2013 12:05AM

    Glad that he knows that he needs to do more to get better and that the nurses also know. As for the ads yes I have those too and I have a pop up blocker but that does not seem to stop them and I will find a way to stop them. Will let you know once I figure it out.

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PMFISH 12/21/2013 11:26PM

    Glad the Dr. told him what he needs to do. Hope things get better.

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STRIVERONE 12/21/2013 11:14PM

    Best to your father-in-law.
I use Firefox with both NoScrip and AdBlock+ extensions enabled. It takes a little work at first but between them you can block almost anything they throw at you. I think the only ads I see are static text and images written into the body of a webpage. I am actually using a variant of Firefox called Waterfox. But I wouldn't recommend that unless you want to deal with a more than occasional browser crash.

Comment edited on: 12/21/2013 11:15:22 PM

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WHITEANGEL4 12/21/2013 10:45PM

    Had to go back and catch up on your blog as I have been off for several days. Maybe with you DH and nurse with FIL at doctor he will make an effort on his part. Prayers for you ll

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JANTHEBLONDE 12/21/2013 8:59PM

    Sorry to hear about the news of your FIL! It has to be hard for you and your DH to see him withering away! Sending you lots of hugs your way!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

P.S. I'm getting a lot of pop-ups too it is not just you!

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AALLEY2 12/21/2013 8:46PM

    Glad your FIL got to the doc! Hope he listens! emoticon Yes more ads and some start on auto when the mouse goes over them, also heard Face Book was going to do that to. emoticon

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MOBYCARP 12/21/2013 8:21PM

    I have not noticed more popups recently, but in the past I have noticed a tendency for SparkPeople to create obnoxious, in your face ads like the flashing nonsense they put on an otherwise useful bottom toolbar. I think that one motivated so many members to turn off the toolbar that SP ultimately discontinued it. And remember the Welch's Grape Juice ad that put juice on your nutrition tracker for a week if you looked at it? That one was really obnoxious.

The obnoxious ads motivated me to use Chromium (under Linux) or Chrome (under Windows) to access SparkPeople, because AdBlock for Chrome/Chromium is more flexible and customizable than AdBlock Plus for Firefox. (i.e., when SparkPeople is clever enough to put out ads that go through standard ad blocking software, I can custom block them in Chromium with AdBlock.)

I wish SparkPeople would be clever like Google, and design ads that are non-offensive and potentially of interest, instead of being cleverly obnoxious with ads; but it is what it is. They do what they do, and motivate me to do what I do.

Most basic tip for avoiding pop ups: Don't use Internet Explorer. Just about any other browser is better for browsing and controlling obnoxious web site behavior than IE.

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BOOKAPHILE 12/21/2013 6:25PM

    You've done everything you can do short of going there three times a day to nag him (which wouldn't be effective if he didn't want to do the work anyway!)

I'm glad the nurse also heard the Doctor. Maybe she will be able to communicate with your FIL the same thing you've been saying all along. If he hears it from all those who care for him, will he believe it?

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1CRAZYDOG 12/21/2013 6:11PM

  I am soooo glad that you AND the nurse went to the Drs. appt. with your FIL. So, with that chart that your DH made, it clearly is in your FIL's court to take care of himself! Hope he does.


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IHAVEADUMBNAME1 12/21/2013 4:00PM

    I don't know which internet browser you use, but you should google "adblock plus" and see if it's available for yours. I see pretty much no popups (on this site or any other). Sometimes I have to turn it off to get things like Hulu to work, but it's still pretty awesome.

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ALIHIKES 12/21/2013 3:56PM

    Glad you got FIL to the doctor. It is really hard sometimes to motivate a parent to work out! I know my mom was difficult; she did not like the physical therapy. And now she is immobile in bed ...

Yes the pop-ups are a PAIN and I don't know how to get rid of them

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JUDYAMK 12/21/2013 3:13PM

    Yes & I do not like it because you have to stop all the time to click on the x to get it off. Yes Sallie it is up to your father in law ,do not be surprised if he continues not to , I worked in a nursing home years ago where folks were in just for rehab, they like the part of being waited on, no longer had to take care of their home or apartment , all meals cooked for them, special activities, or just laying around, & having more visitors than if they were at home.Some of them even told us that. We have a very grey day here in North Eastern Pa., no peek of sun what so ever, he is under the clouds taking a nap!!!

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