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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Recently, after viewing some stuff from Adam Savage on his replicating the Maltese Falcon, I wanted to know more about what the actual bird was...and was supposed to be. Huston's treatment of the book really didn't go into detail about the bird itself, so I went to the source. As a side note, it was interesting to see what Huston did and did not do (most of the memorable lines from the movie were straight out of the book). Dashiell Hammett did not use the "Stuff Dreams are Made Of" line tho.

I've never read Hammett before, and it really took me a bit to force myself to read it. I however could not read it without picturing Bogart, Greenstreet or Lorre and hearing their dialog through their voices.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I got to the section where the fat man explains the history of the falcon. It was never in the movie (a shame). It was also based on an actual fact (that the people of Malta were required to pay a tribute of one live falcon each year to Charles the Great). The invention of the gem-encrusted statuette was all well as the complicated movements through history. I wish he would have just written a book about this part instead of the hap-hazard juxtaposition he used with Spade and the players.

I would like to see a sequel to this, however, since the creation and machinations of the falcon are all Hammett's inventions, I think it best to leave it there. Yet it does present me with a possible formulaic approach to something original.

Just thought I would share. And merry Christmas y'all!!!

Geo out

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