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Prepping For 2014: Let's Rock This!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

I am super excited to tell you that there is only 10 days left in 2013! emoticon emoticon emoticon Why am I so excited you ask? I am excited because there will be no more "holiday goodies" being passed around EVERYDAY at work. There will be much less (and farther between) pot luck nonsense, and people wanting to feed me at every turn. I won't have to keep hearing coworkers saying "who cares, it's the HOLIDAYS?!" Funnily enough those same coworkers will be complaining on January 1st about their Holiday weight gain and vowing to start a new diet... but I digress.

My goal for these next 10 days is survival mode! I haven't given up on my goals, but I have given up on stressing myself out because of all this holiday madness. I have definitely done damage on the scale ever since Halloween, but it is what it is. I will most likely have to re-lose 10 pounds I had previously lost, but you know what, this second time losing it is going to be the LAST! How do I know that? Because I am already looking forward to bigger and better things! I learned the hard way January 1, 2013, that the New Year doesn't necessarily bring a lot of sparkle and motivation! It can, if you plan and follow through with that plan... but I was waiting for some magic weight loss fairy emoticon to come and sprinkle some fairy dust, and melt the fat right off my body! I thought that with the New Year, making healthy food choices and getting in my exercise would be so easy and that I would be untouchable. When that didn't happen I started off the year to a rough start. The good news is, I've learned from that and I am much more prepared. I won't be looking for the weight loss fairy on January 1, 2014. Instead I will put my plan in place and follow it like I'm supposed to and get the job done!

These action plans are different for everyone, but it is very important to have your plan ready! For me that includes doing all the things that helped me get this far, and eliminating some of the things recently that have caused me to put back on some pounds this holiday season.

The most important things on my plan include:
emoticon Tracking everything I eat, before I eat it! That for me is super important especially if I'm trying new foods. There is nothing worse than going to track something after the fact and being upset about how many calories it "cost" you.

emoticon To plan and prepare my food for work in advance, so that I am not scrambling for something to eat at the last minute.

emoticon To drink my water daily. (Luckily this is the ONLY one that comes naturally at this point) emoticon

emoticon To really rack up the fitness minutes and work on being active each and everyday!

emoticon To keep my eye on the prize! It is very easy to get distracted and temporarily lose sight of why we are doing this... so staying on top of things and looking forward are very important for me!

emoticon Even more important is to never lose sight of how far I have come on this journey. I am not done by any means, and this weight loss journey never truly ends... but I don't want to lose sight of what I have accomplished. Sometimes with some re-gain you feel like you have thrown everything away. But I still have 70+ pounds that are no longer attached to me, and I need to remember that so I don't try to find them again.

There are also some very important things that I need to get away from which include:

emoticon Eating out. Prior to starting this journey I was a fast food junkie. I really turned that around as I lost my weight but in the last month and a half it has creeped back into my habits and that is unacceptable. A dinner out with friends and family every now again is no big deal, but hitting the drive thru on a regular basis is not okay. I'm going to work towards making my fast food visits almost obsolete. This goes hand in hand with preparing my food for work, so that fast food isn't my "go to" dinner at the last minute.

emoticon To not be afraid to stand up for myself. Just because EVERYONE at work is ordering pizza and wants to know if I want to pitch in and participate does not mean I "have to". I'm going to get back to politely saying "no" to these invitations. I was at a point where they only asked me to be polite, but fully expected me to say no... but with the holiday madness many "yeses" have escaped my lips. Time to get back my no-normal.

emoticon To get away from this candy nonsense! Now hear me out... I am an everything in moderation gal (with a few exceptions of some trigger foods I have)... There is nothing wrong with a small piece or two of candy. But the craziest part is I have never been a candy person, until recently! A coworker was always giving me fun size snickers or butterfinger, and I would have one a day or every other day. No big deal. Until I started craving chocolate and the craving wouldn't be satisfied by one fun size bar. It really did amaze me that something I never really cared much for became such a strong craving... it is amazing what our bodies can get used to. But just as my body could get used to craving chocolate, and can get used to leaving chocolate in the dust.

These are my plans going into 2014... I am prepared, and I am ready to get this down and get to my goal weight. 10 pounds at a time, 40 pounds total, let's rock this!! emoticon
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