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Friday, December 20, 2013

" Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable. Be Joyful though you have considered all the facts. " Wendell Berry

The holidays are hard on many. We miss the loved ones who have gone before us and the memories and traditions that are gone. We always wish that we had more money , more friends a closer family, that things could be different.

The holidays mean many people packed together to shop or visit . So the holidays also bring sickness.

The holidays mean more to do in less time. It a time of more stress, less sleep ,and less exercise. On top of that people add holidays drinks and forget to follow them with water .

How do we fix all of the above . With Laughter and Joy of course. When you think of your lost ones and you will, a lot, try to remember the happy times . Keep a picture in your head of your loved one laughing and happy the pain will then be less bittersweet.

When your house is overflowing and people start to get stressful remember laughter . It will help. Make sure to watch a lot of comedy in the coming weeks. Look for the comedy in all situations .

If your sick curl up on the couch with your clicker set to the comedy channel or a funny movie or show ,you will get better sooner.

You can laugh at your self in your bright orange construction vest with lights all over it when you go for a later or earlier walk. Don't have time for your regular work out try something new. There are even laughter yoga videos on the internet. yes laughter yoga. My life long friend Robert Rivest went to mime school and is now a laughter yoga teacher.
While your out at your holiday party or nearest bar , sip your water and watch the show. It can be pretty comical to see how others act at the holiday party and it will be nice to know it was not you with a lampshade on your head or a copy of your posterior on the printer.
We all sleep better and are healthier after a good laugh . So Laugh even f you are alone.

Be happy and joyful in most situations .Laughter is great medicine.
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