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Go Caroling Day

Friday, December 20, 2013

Go Caroling Day

When : Always December 20

Go Caroling Day is a wonderful, rewarding, and memory filled day. By far more popular decades ago, Christmas holiday caroling is a great opportunity to enjoy the holiday and appreciate its meaning.

Christmas caroling remains popular in many area and among many groups. Scouts and youth groups often partake in this special musical event. Even family parties and business parties sometimes produce an impromptu caroling event.

It may take a little planning to make your Christmas Caroling happen. For example, scout groups frequently go caroling to nursing homes and senior citizen centers. A phone call to the facility management to arrange a date and time is a must. Transportation to/from the facility also must be arranged. And, afterwards, a caroling event is often topped off with hot chocolate and cookies.

We hope you enjoy Go Caroling Day to its fullest today!

Origin of Go Caroling Day:

We found no factual information about the origin of Go Caroling Day. We did not find any information on the creator of this special day. But, that's okay, as long as you get out and go caroling today!

Note: There is some disagreement over the date for this special day. It is documented on most calender sites and Ecard companies as December 20. However, a small number of sites reports it as December 19.

This Day in History December 20

Siege of Rhodes: Suleiman the Magnificent accepts the surrender of the surviving Knights of Rhodes, who are allowed to evacuate. They eventually settle on Malta and become known as the Knights of Malta. (1522)

The Virginia Company loads three ships with settlers and sets sail to establish Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. (1606)

The Louisiana Purchase is completed at a ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana. (1803)

South Carolina becomes the first state to attempt to secede from the United States. (1860)

Cheka, the first Soviet secret police force, is founded. (1917)

Adolf Hitler is released from Landsberg Prison. (1924)

World War II: First battle of the American Volunteer Group, better known as the "Flying Tigers" in Kunming, China. (1941)

World War II: Japanese air forces bomb Calcutta, India. (1942)

The popular Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life is first released in New York, New York. (1946)

The EBR-1 in Arco, Idaho becomes the first nuclear power plant to generate electricity. The electricity powered four light bulbs. (1951)

Boeing's first jet-powered aircraft, the 707, makes its first flight. (1957)

The National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam is formed. (1960)

A Pennsylvania Railroad Metroliner reaches over the limit of 155 mph on their New York Division, also present day Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. (1967)

The Zodiac Killer kills Betty Lou Jenson and David Faraday in Vallejo, California. (1968)

The Prime Minister of Spain, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, is assassinated by a car bomb attack in Madrid. (1973)

Djibouti and Vietnam join the United Nations. (1977)

Pope John Paul II announces the institution of World Youth Day. (1985)

In the worst peacetime sea disaster, the passenger ferry Doña Paz sinks after colliding with the oil tanker Vector in the Tablas Strait in the Philippines, killing an estimated 4,000 people (1,749 official). (1987)

United States invasion of Panama: The United States sends troops into Panama to overthrow government of Manuel Noriega. This is also the first combat use of purpose-designed stealth aircraft. (1989)

A Missouri court sentences the Palestinian militant Zein Isa and his wife Maria to death for the honor killing of their daughter Palestina. (1991)

NeXT merges with Apple Computer, starting the path to Mac OS X. (1996)

Elizabeth II becomes the oldest monarch of the United Kingdom, surpassing Queen Victoria, who lived for 81 years, 7 months and 29 days. (2007)

The Portrait of Suzanne Bloch (1904), by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, and O Lavrador de Café by Brazilian modernist painter Candido Portinari, are stolen from the São Paulo Museum of Art. (2007)
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