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The Negativity is Winning

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Well, I'm feeling quite crappy today. :/

I left work early yesterday after putting in a good few hours working on my paralegal's evaluation. The concentration on the evaluation helped my headache a bit - random. Anyway, I planned to run 3 miles on the treadmill, but only did 1. Half way through my sinus pressure became much worse than it had been, and my stomach started cramping out of nowhere :/ It was not enjoyable, so I left. I went to Joann's Fabric to pick up the spray adhesive that I needed and a few other things, and then went home. I made gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, because breakfast for dinner is yummy, and then eventually got around to adhering the fabric/batting for my the quilt and started free-motion quilting it. I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes doing the quilting and accomplished about a quarter of it. Throw-sized quilts take a long time, and because it was so large, I had the side rolled up to move it easier, and apparently I was death-gripping it and my right hand went numb at some point. Thats when I decided to stop. Then I read for a while before going to sleep, but between the quilting and reading I was feeling much less negative.

But I woke up in a bad mood again :/ I even slept better last night so I dont know. I had to drive to the Academy this morning to attend a meeting in which there would be a one star general and a three star general, so I fet obligated to wear my blues, which were actually in a clump on the floor. I threw them in the dryer and ironed them and they were presentable enough. But while I was making my bed, I stepped on my kindle, which I had set on the floor next to my bed last night before I went to sleep. I heard a "crack." I looked at it and physically it did not appear broken. Except the screen was distorted. Whatever cracked happened inside :( It was not readable. And my limited 1 year warranty does not cover stepping on it. *sigh* Great start to my morning.

I went to my meeting and it was in some aspects a waste of time because no one acknowledged me and I did not say anything. It was informative because I found out the legal office is not telling me information about my clients. *sigh* Not really in the mood to have that battle right now. J and I were trying to coordinate meeting up but my meeting ran late so I figured he had left. But he had actually waited in the parking lot for me. I had sent him my paralegal's evaluation draft for him to help me with and he gave me it back with writing all over it. So I kind of feel like I suck now (I've never had to do an evaluation for someone else before). He was on his way to a ski resort to spend the day/night with his sisters/brother-in-law/nephews
. I kind of felt jealous that he was going and I wasnt. I also apparently thought our Christmas plans were different from his Christmas plans for us, so I left feeling extremely annoyed and discouraged, when I shouldnt be because he sat in a parking lot for 40 minutes waiting to see me before he left. I just feel like I am not in a good place right now emotionally.

On my way back to work, I stopped at Best Buy and picked up a new Kindle. My old one was the very basic Kindle - not even the paperwhite version - and I bought the same exact model again. I really like it. It was also the last one Best Buy had in stock - they had a ton of Kindle Fires though, but I dont need that. I have an iPad. I just hate reading on the iPad. So, that was money I hadnt expected to spend, but I really cant imagine going away for a week without my Kindle. #firstworldproblems right? Then I was feeling sorry for myself so I stopped at Chipotle for lunch. Burrito bowl and chips with guac. Apparently my mind thought I would feel better if I ate a lot of food. My body disagreed and now all of this food is just sitting in front of me and I have no desire to eat it.

My Erin Condren life planner, that I orered like 2 weeks ago finally arrived this morning. I picked up the box and put it in my house before I left for work this morning - at least I will have something fun to play with when I get home. And then more quilting and dance class if I make it there. My sinuses are still giving me problems.

Meanwhile, I have like 2 issues going on at the Air Force Academy that I am not sure how to deal with them so I will need to talk to my leadership. I am apparently getting two new clients today. I still have to tweak this EPR. I found out a case that my client doesnt want to participate in is being recommended for a preliminary hearing. Why does all of this stuff happen right before I am going out of town for a week? Murphy's law?

Either way, I am super C.R.A.N.K.Y. today.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Things will turn around. I am so sorry about the way everything is going. Hand in there.
    1028 days ago
    I hope you feel better...some days are just like that. Don't feel like you're the only one who has them.

    And...tomorrow's always another day, right? emoticon
    1037 days ago
    Just accept it, and live through it. Just the fact that you are aware of what's going on with you is huge. Hang in there. emoticon
    I'm living with the grumps at the moment myself. Not fun but I know it won't be forever.
    1037 days ago
    i hope you feel better now that you have vented some. i know i always do. that's mostly why i started journaling, so i could leave my bad feelings and crankiness on the page.
    1037 days ago
    1038 days ago
    Sorry about your crankiness. emoticon It sounds like you're doing some worthwhile self-care. Keep it up. About your bought the original again? I really liked that one too. I gave it to my husband when I got the fire but he's since broken it. I've never liked the Fire. I want to give the fire to my son and get the original or the paperwhite. Was there a reason you didn't go for the paperwhite?
    1038 days ago
    1038 days ago
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