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I did not die, and then I made coffee

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank you for all your hilarious comments! I enjoyed them, and I feel better knowing I'm not the only person who is driven batty by this nonsense. MERRY HUMBUG!!

Work is still sucking up most (99%) of my life. I am hanging in there. I haven't been tracking because I haven't had time, other than the 1 hour each night I get to sit down and breathe and spend a little time with Mr. Turtle & Turtle Puppy. I just don't wanna spend that time with my face in a computer. It's a choice I made.

I haven't even done my Christmas shopping yet! Fortunately we're at Mr. Turtle's family this year. All my stuff has to be shipped to family, and the people I have left to shop for don't really care if their gift is late. They are pretty laid back. Yay. emoticon

This weekend is a three day weekend for me, so I'm going to spend the day tomorrow doing Stuff I Want To Do that is also preparation for the holiday. Finish up more of it on Saturday, but also slot in lots of LAZY TIME for Saturday & Sunday, and do some stuff like vacuum (have I told you about my rug? OH MY GOD HATE. never buy a "tufted" wool rug, only "knotted". they SHED. It was already sad that my husband sheds more than my dog. Now I have a rug that sheds more than my husband and dog combined and I have to vacuum EVERY. DAY. Also the rug weighed 9,000 pounds and was awful to get unrolled and placed. IT IS MY ENEMY.) and laundry.

The list:

(during all of the following, listen to Christmas music and sing along. loudly.)

1) Wash Turtle Puppy. She smells! emoticon

She just generally smells like dog, but also her hair is a bit too long and it's wet outside so she accumulates wet dog smell which dries to extra dog smell. Also long face hair + food + water = dog food face. Also I took her to the vet for something completely unrelated and mentioned she scratches her ears a lot in the morning. Vet looked in and found GOOK! So we have had Ear Medicine all week but they are looking and I think feeling much better. Oh we hate the Ear Medicine, though. She hates me putting it in, hates the goopy feeling, I hate how it has given her stringy greasy Grunge head and also smells like diaper cream (we've been calling her Diaper Head all week. Because we are evil.). Today was her last dose, so tomorrow is bath time! Then I will attempt to give her a haircut and hopefully not suck too badly. STAY TUNED FOR BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS MUAHAHAHAHA

(If you're wondering why I do not just take her to a groomer, that is a long story for another day all about how I hate groomers and want to make them into a stew. How do they not go out of business? They are so disorganized and horrible. I mean management, not the actual people who do the bath & haircut. I have only had a dog for just under two months and I am already 0 for 6 on groomers. I HATE YOU ALL. DEMERITS.)

2) BAKE BAKE BAKE BAKE!!! I love to bake and usually never have time. So I'm going all out tomorrow and making several kinds of cookies and maybe some pie. I am happy. And I will have dessert to bring to Mr. Turtle's mom's house on Christmas Eve, and dad's on Christmas Day. I used to ALWAYS bring dessert when we went but I haven't had time in so long. People have been like "and what did YOU make?" and I have to be like "nothing" *sadface* Not this time! I'm excited.

3) Wrap presents, the few I have been able to buy

4) Ship some things to my mom's house.

5) maybe if I have time after ALL THAT, throw a few ornaments on the tree. we bought one. Mr. Turtle put it up. It is naked except for the fact that it is pre-lit. Sad! but I asked him which is more important, decorating the tree, or cookies. Shockingly, he chose cookies. emoticon

6) again if I have time - meal plan and grocery shop.

I have been picking up convenience foods here and there, but most of the time nothing TOO horrible, so even though I have not been tracking and there have been treats around I have actually not done TOO badly.

I made myself get on the scale the other day. The day after I got up and put on my 16 jeans instead of my 18s and they were tight. I can still zip them and stuff but now they're kind of uncomfortable to wear all day. BOO. So time to assess the damage.

Surprisingly I was only 254. Whew. I'll take it. I never stayed down for long so I figure the lowest I got back when I was back on track for a while was ~247. so I've gained ~7 pounds. I'll take less than ten, and I'll take still below 260, and in fact below 255. With everything that has been going on, I'm surprised and relieved it wasn't more. And I've been watching what I eat a little more closely - still not tracking, but being more careful, and I'm down to like 252.5 this morning. Yay.

I will be fine with it if I maintain around the low 250s through the end of December. Then I need a new plan for January. My work schedule is not going to get any better, and right now I just DO NOT have time to make dinner from scratch most nights. Also I only have a "real" (2 days) weekend every other week, so "batch cook on Sunday" is just not going to happen. I need a new game plan for my new circumstances, and I am turning it over in my mind as I go. I know I can do it. I just need to think a bit about what will work best and try out some things.

The long brisk walks with Turtle Puppy hopefully help! I haven't tracked all of them because I forget. I don't track a quick 5 minutes to pee walk, but when we go for 30-40 minutes at Top Turtle Puppy Speed it's a decent workout actually! Not as much as I *need* but way better than nothing. Turtle Puppy likes to walk FAST. The ice and snow and darkness are the only things that keep me from doing that every walk. It just isn't safe a lot of the neighborhood around - when it's dark AND there's ice I'm likely to slip, and looping the same wee bit of neighborhood that's clear enough times to get in 40 minutes can get boring. Also there's a few places with no sidewalks at all. I was fine running there when 1) it was light and 2) it was just me, but I'm not comfortable walking TP in the street in the dark. No Fank You. I've tried out a few new routes though so we have gotten some nice walks in.

So that's diet and exercise. Not ideal but not awful. Better than last week's train wreck for sure. Slowly improving.

Back to holiday humbug again... this week we had our holiday get together at work. This is another thing I normally cook for but I just COULD NOT. I felt horrible but also grouchy and humbuggy about it until I had a brilliant idea - coffee! I brought in my big coffee pot I hardly ever use and a carafe and some fixins and made coffee. Yay.

Then I didn't feel like dragging it all home so it's still in my cubicle. SO. This morning I made coffee, and it's sitting on the counter behind my cubicle (I have the terrible misfortune of sitting RIGHT INSIDE THE ENTRYWAY to the office. People are always yammering on behind me instead of taking their walking meetings to their own desk or a conference room. Also visitors and new people assume I'm the receptionist, even though I sit with my BACK to the door, and ask me all kinds of questions and get all salty when I don't know where their meeting is or whatever and I'm just trying to do my work... Drives me bazoo. but TODAY it works in my favor.) with a little sign saying "would you like some COFFEE??" hee.

You want to see some holiday cheer??? Make coffee. I mean, unless your workplace already provides either free coffee, or a coffeemaker everyone is allowed to use. Our workplace has neither, so you either need to have coffeemaking apparatus in your desk, or go buy some from the cafe (which doesn't open until 10am). In that circumstance? Make some coffee at 9:15. Offer it to everyone. HOLIDAY CHEER.

Today everyone is happy and loves me. Simple pleasures. Good times. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Coffee can only make things better... even cleaning up after a shedding dog!
    1430 days ago
    I managed to get online long enough to check in just so I could say "merry christmas!" Big hugs and noisy kisses. emoticon emoticon
    1453 days ago
    Great plan coffee.
    1456 days ago
    I have a pretty strong stomach, but the ear thing challenges that notion! My dog gets "potato" ears, that's what I call it, but diaper ears is more accurate!

    Good luck!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1457 days ago
    My husband sheds more than my dog, too! hAHA!
    1457 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    MMMM coffee...happiness in a cup!

    Ok, I promise that is not the only thing that I read in your blog, it is just an uber agreement!

    You certainly have a LOT going on and I hope it settles down a bit after the holidays, just reading all that made me tired on your behalf!

    Glad you are getting some walking in with Turtle Puppy and I hope her ears feel better soon.
    1457 days ago
  • MINEA999
    teehee you called your dog TP.

    Your life sounds hectic and just reading your blog exhausts me.

    I caution you to not let that 'upper limit' slide. I would stick with 255 as max - not 260. Otherwise next thing you know it'll be 265 and that's 'okay' and then up and and up.

    Just keep things to a dull roar would you? Your walks at the very least will keep your heart pumping which is an essential element to... life.

    Also, you need to get some ornaments for that tree. Nothing is sadder than putting a dead plant in your house and then NOT adorning it for the purpose it was meant to fulfill. Just sayin.

    I haven't been on here much but when I do, I check in on you of course (just like the most interesting man in the world). If we don't connect before the big day, my sincerest wishes for a rocking Christmas to you and your turtle family.

    ciao sista

    1457 days ago
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