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Wheat ugh!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little history before I really get into this.

When I was 16 I started having the worst pain in my gut and having to go to the bathroom too often, I let this go on until I was 19. I didn't say anything to my parents of what I was experiencing. Then when I was 19 out with my bf and friends on a ski trip, the pain had gotten so unbearable. I spent the entire weekend in pain crying in the fetal position, not having any fun at all. I got sent to the dr where she threw out a bunch of possible diagnosis and cancer was one of them. I stressed out bad over cancer, I was 19 I couldn't get cancer that young. So I see the specialist and he did his tests and diagnosed me with Ulcerative colitus. I had to take meds for a long time and had my bf trained to know that I needed a restroom quickly.

Over the course of the years I started getting really bad headaches along with the ugly bowels. I would feel so yucky and go to bed like at 5 pm. What 20 year old wants to do that on a friday night? I would take meds for the headaches and over the course of the years the dosage kept going higher in order to help make them go away. About 10 years after my first diagnosis of UC, I started to put some puzzle pieces together. This occurred one night after I finished eating dinner, I suddenly started to feel a bad headache coming on, feeling really tired, and just nauseous. This started to be a regular occurrence after I would eat pasta or some sort of wheat based meal. I started to research the symptoms and celiac kept popping up, so I had myself tested. Negative of course, I was disappointed, I thought I had finally figured out what was going on with me.

When I moved to a new city, I was suffering of these symptoms for 14 years. I was still convinced I had a problem with wheat. So around year 15, I started to eat gluten free and I started to really feel better. I had a hard time with family, they kept on saying it was in my head. Then my dad passed away from colon cancer, it took a bit but I finally found another dr to refer me to a specialist. I told him of my suspicion and he poo poo'd the idea saying it was in my head. I didn't feel good that a GI specialist was saying that to me. I had a scope done and to his surprise there was no evidence I had UC and told me I probably just have irritable bowel syndrome.

I felt so deflated after that scope, not having any answers for 15 years of my suffering. I had started dating my husband just before that scope and felt like things were just in my head like everyone else was saying, even my hubby said it. I again started eating wheat. I started to feel the same again as before, but I kept on eating it because you know it was just in my head.

I reached this point where I was fed up of feeling so sick all the time, that I conducted my own experiment. For an entire month I avoided anything that had that dreaded grain in it. During that month I felt my energy coming back, headaches going away, an belly aches gone. At the one month mark I told hubby ok let's order pizza. Of course it tasted great! Then wham! a headache. But of course to hubby's eyes he doesn't see me suffering in pain, so he figured I can just continue eating it. I told him my findings after my experiment, but he didn't believe me. A few months later I went to see a homeopath dr. He conducted his tests and confirmed for me that I do in fact have a wheat intolerance. I researched wheat intolerance, found that my symptoms fit the bill. That is when I went absolutely wheat free and my hubby better be on board. I had never felt better, I was losing weight, running long distances, I was finally loving my life!

Well then I get pregnant and of course hubby doesn't want our child to have my wheat intolerance and thinks I should just suck it up and eat wheat so that the baby can get used to it from me. I was also tired of hubby always getting mad when ever we ate out, that I limit where we can go, so I caved to make him happy. So ever since then I have been eating that dreaded grain. I'm now having trouble losing my baby weight, and just not feeling 100%. I sleep long hours and just have no energy. I've reached my breaking point again.

I'm going wheat free again and it is for ever! I am not caving anymore to make other people happy!

So why am I blogging about this today? Well after my hemorrhoid problem a couple months back, I finally got in to the specialist for an appointment today. We got talking about what has been happening the last few years with my "condition" and I told him how I have been eating wheat and how I've been feeling. He then goes in to this long tirade about how wheat has such a bad rap and that people who think they are gluten intolerant are actually carbohydrate intolerant and started listing off sugars like galactose and lactose. I sat and listened to him, but I remembered right then and there why I didn't like him the first time around. He made me feel like I was making stuff up in my head. He must have read it on my face and he comes out and says "well if avoiding wheat makes you feel better who am I to tell you otherwise. "

To be honest I'm starting to think wheat is the cause of my little girls constipation problem, but of course he even poo poo'd that theory, and so does hubby. My poor girl has been having issues pretty much a month after we introduced solids to her, which coincidentally is the time we introduced cream of wheat to her. I feel terrible for her as she cries in pain trying to poop only to change her and find that there is nothing in her diaper. We have been giving her stool softeners for months now and had spent 4 hours in the children's hospital trying to alleviate this for her. I think we had 1 or 2 good days for her.

I just want answers! for the both of us.
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    I think it's important to keep an open mind and figure out what works for you. Intolerant or not, you know you! If you feel happy and healthy without wheat, who cares if you are intolerant or not? Just keep it real - and I agree 100% about avoiding Drs who preach. You got to feel good about your Dr. I would be just as suspicous about a Dr who would be 100% convinced that wheat is bad for you. In my opinion, a Dr should do thourough testing and give you all the possible alternatives. If wheat doesn't work, wheat doesn't work- end of story. As for your daughter, trust your gut. That said, make sure you look into all the possibilities for her constipation before you just cut wheat out of her diet unless you really believe stronly that she is better out without it. In that case, screw whatever else anyone thinks!
    1391 days ago

    I think you should read this... it might give you some words to use when talking to your family about weight management and the foods that you eat!!! Just because you are a MOM doesn't mean you have to eat or look the way THEY want you too!!!

    1398 days ago
    Wow! I had NO IDEA about some of this! How could you avoiding something that you are intolerant of, make your baby also intolerant of it?? I mean, shizzz, she's already got your genes, don't you think THAT fact alone will already giver your babies the likely hood of being intolerant?!?
    (Genetics runs DEEP! ....Deeper then the foods we eat, I think!!!)

    Your hubby has some SERIOUS power over you if he can get you to eat food that makes you feel bad. I'm baffled by this!?!?
    Good for you for finally taking a STAND! But seriously, it's REALITY for you, so if someone else wants hard evidence that you are gluten intolerant, just let them enjoy a gluten rich meal with you then stick around for the aftermath! LOL How can that not be proof enough???

    Recently, I discovered I am allergic to blackberries. How? Because when I eat them, my bowels FREAK OUT and I get the most terrible stomach aches. I stopped eating them, and VOILA, no more poopy pants or stomach pain!!! (Since I've told Joe about it... he has even picked the blackberries out of the mixed fruit for me because he knows they don't work for me!)

    I hope you can learn to assert your opinion to your family members... and that they can start to support you in these decisions that mean a lot to your health!!!
    1399 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/18/2013 5:31:56 PM
    If a food item does not make you feel healthier, why eat it? I stopped eating beef and pork almost 20 years ago and I felt better from Day 1. Listen to your body.
    1399 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    It's unlikely you'll get definite answers. Medicine isn't an exact science. You've probably noticed that "experts" frequently change their opinions about food. I suggest that you follow your instincts. Reduce the amount of wheat you and your daughter eat. Maybe baby rice or oatmeal instead of cream of wheat. Keep taking her to the doctor until they learn why she's so constipated. Have you tried a hot water bottle on her tummy or low back to relax her muscles?

    The current issue of First for Women magazine (1/6/14) has a great article about wheat, pg 60. Google genetically modified wheat. Yikes! Other countries won't import US wheat because it's considered unsafe for human consumption. There is a controversy if wheat is genetically modified or a hybrid. The name shouldn't matter. It's clearly not the same wheat people ate for thousands of years and it negatively affects a lot of people. Also Google wheat on labels. Completely eliminating wheat would be hard because it's in so many products, even foods like soy sauce.

    I started avoiding wheat a few years ago because it always made me feel off. Then I felt better so I never mentioned it to my doctor. Now I avoid it because of the controversy.
    1399 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/18/2013 4:43:28 AM
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