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Monday, December 16, 2013

I spent the past 12 weeks on the True Blue Team of the Biggest Loser Challenge Round 23. This was my first time participating in a virtual BLC. I was motivated by the success of Spark friend, Tacones.

When I started, my goal was just to lose weight. And I did lose weight. What I did not expect was the community of support from my Team True Blue. Through everything, I was cheered, consoled, praised, motivated, inspired, pushed and encouraged. Nothing that I experienced was too small or too large for recognition and support (and that included the death of my grandmother).

I also learned that I am capable of so much more. Ability to do more cardio, strength training, stay in calorie range and make better food choices.

I began to fully grasp the importance of the whole picture, not just dieting and exercise. Everything like decluttering, finishing projects, getting proper rest are factors that make a difference in healthy eating and lifestyle.

With the increased strength training, I saw body changes with firmer legs and arms and no more double chins! I like looking in the mirror, even with only undies on. I treasure the other NSVs as well. Compliments from friends, family and coworkers. The need for new undies and tad smaller clothing.

The time commitment was intense, but well worth it. Everything finally clicked!

Now that the round has ended, there will be a period of no BLC, before the next one starts. At first, I was afraid that all of my good efforts would go out the window. However, as part of the last Weekend Challenge, we were asked to make a plan to avoid weight gain. (How's that for timing?)

So, here's my plan:

As, with the Weekend Challenge, I will start Friday with one of the prior WC which I will post on my blog. I will follow that WC from Friday through Tuesday. I will weigh in on Wednesday and report my loss or gain on my blog. I will create mini challenges for my Fitness and Organization team based on the WC I have selected. This will serve a dual purpose - fulfill my requirements as team co-leader and more accountability.

Wednesday and Thursday will be my scheduled ST. And on each Thursday, I will decide which WC will start the following Friday.

I will follow this schedule until the next round starts.

Thanks so much to my team True Blue, the exceptional leadership provided by Barbara, Amber and Mandi and other behind the scene helpers. You have awaken a sleeping giant.

I will carry the spirit of blue with me to the next team. Armed with my determination to max out the WC and get to my goal of a more beautiful, healthier and active me!

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