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Slip Of The Tongue

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today is day 7 of my streak!

So proud to have made it to one whole week of being on track...although I almost blew it yesterday! I went grocery shopping, and then on the way home I stopped at a fast food drive thru to get something to bring home for hubby's lunch. I wasn't hungry and I didn't have a craving. Even though I was going to a fast food place, I wasn't thinking of getting something for myself. (Partially because I don't think of fast food as actual FOOD. It doesn't even smell like food to me, it just smells like grease.)

But anyway, when I pulled up to the drive thru speaker, there was no one ahead of me so I was able to order without waiting. As I scanned the menu board to look for the combo number I wanted to order, I saw a sign next to the menu board, touting milkshakes. And suddenly, I decided I was going to have one. So I ordered a combo for hubby, and then the voice over the speaker said "Will that complete your order?"

I hesitated for a split second. Then I took a deep breath and said "Yes, I'd also like a straw smallberry milkshake."

As soon as I realized what I'd said, I got the giggles. And the voice over the speaker said "Could you repeat that?" I swallowed my giggles and said "Nothing else, thanks." She gave me my total, and I drove up to the window, still fighting the giggles.

I chuckled a bit during the whole drive home. "Straw smallberry milkshake?" I wasn't laughing just because it was kind of funny. I was laughing from relief! I was saved from going off my streak by a slip of the tongue!

That silly little tongue twister jolted me back to reality for a moment. Just long enough for me to realize that I needed to say no to that milkshake, and be my own hero. I wanted to be strong more than I wanted that milkshake. Don't get me wrong. I'm fine with having an occasional treat. But a small milkshake would have had around four to five hundred calories...and its just not worth it to me!

I didn't feel deprived because I didn't have that milkshake. I felt strong and in charge, and so proud of myself for staying on track...even if I needed a slip of the tongue to help me do it!

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