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Okay, we can stop with the snow now...

Friday, December 13, 2013

It has snowed pretty much straight through for the last three days. We got an additional 6 inches of powder by noon today. I like snow, but this is getting ridiculous. My brother and I went snow shoeing again today, and you couldn't see our trail from yesterday. I guess I am in better shape than Jeremy because I ended up breaking trail for about 3/4 of our loop, because it wore him out too much when he took the lead. The superintendent of schools here is a moron and didn't cancel school today. Definitely should have! I have seen three cars get stuck in the snow in the intersection right outside my window just in the last hour. I know a bus driver for the local district, and he was fuming because he had to risk the kids lives driving in these conditions.

I brought the snow shoes home with me in hopes I will get out again tonight and tomorrow as well. Usually they live at my parents' house, but dad said it was fine to bring them home with me. None of the sidewalks are plowed yet, so it is good conditions for snow shoeing.

Cooper wasn't thrilled with walking in thigh deep (on me) snow, as I have to lead to break a trail for him. Normally he likes to lead, but not when he can't see where he is going. It was hard going for him even with me leading the way. Now he is curled up in my lap, snoozing. He was sitting in front of the heater while I walked, but I guess he got too toasty. Poor puppy!

So, I have taken to pacing in my apartment to get some of my exercise in. It takes me about 5 seconds to pace from one end of my studio apartment to the other. I logged 63 minutes today. Anybody want to figure out how many laps I walked today? (logged 3.2 miles)

Also did some yoga, my abs challenge workout, and I have to walk the dog again this evening. Busy day! Oh, and I had lunch with mom and dad in there as well. It isn't even 5pm... I think I am doing well. But really the snow can stop now!
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    Snow showing burns calories like crazy! You must be in great shape. Were your legs sore later? chris emoticon
    1381 days ago
    Wow! I don't know how you do it! I get bored too easily.
    1382 days ago
    You are doing great!
    1382 days ago
    You make it sound fun, anyway. I have been wanting to try snow shoeing, but really should rethink it. We have been in a deep freeze here for two weeks and just don't like the COLD that much! Good news. Today it is over 32 degrees for first time. Maybe warmth will make it over to you one day. Press on!
    1382 days ago
    I hear ya - and we get a LOT less than you! emoticon
    1382 days ago
    Yes, we've had enough snow for the season.
    1382 days ago
    CAN WE PLZY have a couple of pics of Cooper out in the snow? One with him LEADING and OOPS (WHERE Did HE GO?) and one with him behind ya???? LOL I LAUGHED when I read this !!!

    We are expecting heavy snow startin tomorrow night. FINALLY For we are LATE !!! We WERE getting BONE CHILLIN weather ,, UNLESS there was a storm,, than we'd SHOOT UP above 32 ! GRRR, but tomorrow night,,, WOOHOOOO about a foot expected,,,, we SHALL See for OFTEN they are WRONG !

    I used to x country ski,,,, and I was the one who broke in the trail for us. I MISS IT !! But, hardly able to stand now. NO DOUBT my friend ALSO misses me HELPING HER !! WOOHOOO those WERE THE DAYS !!

    1382 days ago
    It has been snowing a lot here too
    1382 days ago
  • _LINDA
    On top of the continued extreme cold, we now have some fresh snow to enjoy. Unfortunately, it is making the roads super slippery and we saw two accidents on the way home today, one a three car pile up very serious with injuries and the Jaws Of Life needed to extract people. The school buses are still running here though.
    Good on you taking advantage of it snow shoeing!
    Your apartment sounds like mine -which is why I can't wait to stay with Mom and get to hit the river trails! Lucky you getting to have a pet!
    Hope the snow eases up for you!
    1382 days ago
    Couldn't agree more! Rushed to get my needed errands in before all snowy h**l breaks loose - it's a mixed blessing for me to "hunker down" ...... part of me wants nothing more than to cocoon, but another part of me feels like a trapped/caged animal desperately seeking freedom........go figure.......

    I also have some plans for the following day, but I'm not sure either one of them will pan out (gotta allow time for digging out, naturally)........and to be honest, I'm not totally enthused about these activities, so cancellation may actually be a relief.......

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave in life from time to time......

    Take care and stay safe!
    1383 days ago
    WOW! Your commitment amazes me. I would be happy if I had at least a 5% of a commitment like yours.

    1383 days ago
    I agree- one thing I like about the prairie where I live is that we usually can catch a glimpse of blue sky every day. the trade off is we deal with winds. it has been overcast and cold since Monday, and hasn't stopped snowing since Wednesday morning. our conditions are a lot drier, so the snow is not as deep as yours, but I do miss the sun. our dear weather guy has polished up the four day forecast and is dangling "nicer for Monday" in front of us............if only. Stay warm this weekend, and enjoy your urban snowshoe adventures
    1383 days ago
    I would really love it if there was a way to take some of your snow!! The kids really loved it for the little we had and are wishing for more, but the weather man say not until Christmas. Most of my family is in Michingan and so we got to see the snow tons of times when we were little.

    Tell Cooper hi!

    emoticon emoticon

    1383 days ago
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