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140.0!!! And other positives.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello Spark Friends! It's Friday the 13th! I seriously love Friday the 13ths. Every year I pull out my calendar searching for when they will be. I know, it's so weird. I just love the day. I never have bad things happen on these days and, well, I kind of love horror movies. I remember that when I was younger at least one tv channel would play marathons of the Friday the 13th movies. I love those movies, too. I dont think they do that anymore, though.

I also remember when I was maybe 10 or 11, that my birthday fell on Saturday the 14th, so I had my birthday slumber party on Friday the 13th and we watched the scary movies, and we also rented a movie called "Saturday the 14th" which is a pretty hilarious and low budget spoof. I actually bought that movie early last year on dvd. J didnt find it as amusing. In fact, I am pretty sure he fell asleep during it. I should make him watch it again tomorrow night! Ha!

Tonight is his work holiday party. I am still sick - my throat is not sore as anymore, and it seems like everything moved back up to my head because my nose thinks it's running 26.2 and further. Ugh. My cold medicine doesnt seem to be helping as much right now, so I might have to re-evaluate and take something else specific for head congestion. *sigh* Colds are so annoying. Either way, I am still excited for the holiday party tonight, only because I get to wear my brand new red cocktail dress from The Loft outlet! It was 50% off on Black Friday and a size smaller than the last dress I bought! Yay!

Even though I'm sick, I managed to pull myself to my jazz dance class last night. I didnt go last week because the weather was bad and I was pretty upset about my mom being upset, so I didnt want to miss another week. I probably should have stayed home though. I lost my voice again during class and when I left I was pretty sure I was running a low-grade fever. But I'm glad I went, too. I enjoy dancing so much! We did a new combo last night - it was super fast but I liked it. BUT it reminded me why dancing resulted in major reconstructive knee surgery! We did some floor work, which we hadnt done yet. I love floor work, but it's rough on your knees! I am going to have to seriously watch myself! I am not as young and agile as I used to be! But overall, good class. :)

This week at both of my classes, I noticed that I seem to be slimming / tightening up, while looking in the mirrors. It made me feel really good. I know dance will have a good impact on my body, along with running. It's nice to visibly see those results, too. So I was inspired this morning to weigh myself. I've been weighing myself most days to get a handle on my weight fluctuations and understanding what causes them. I mean, I know I cant account for all of them, but it's been interesting that when I've accidently glutened myself, my weight shot up for 2 days, which corresponded with my stomach pains, and then shot back down again at the same time my stomach pain stopped. It's just interesting, I think. Anyway, I had a fantastic reward on the scale!

I saw "140.0"! For the FIRST TIME SINCE AUGUST 2012. It also means I'm officially down 8lbs from my heaviest back in October! I kind of want to throw a littl dance party right now. :) I dont like to rely on the scale for validation, but I feel like the scale and the mirror are just affirmations that I am really doing the right thing for my body. I really attribute finally seeing changes in the mirror and on the scale to a few things:

1) Eating better.
I went gluten and dairy-free SIX weeks ago on the advice of my GI doctor and it has changed me so much! I rarely ever have stomach pains anymore. I dont get sick after eating. I dont have crazy carb cravings anymore. And though I thought it would be hard, after about 3 weeks I stopped missing bread and pasta. Occasionally I think about eating them, but the fact that I physically feel better without them always wins out. I dont want to go back to feeling so much stomach pain again!

2) Dancing.
Dancing always kept me in great shape, especially during college, and I definitely think it's why I didnt gain a ton of weight in college. It's such a great full body workout because it really requires you to keep almost all of your muscles, but especially your core, engaged at all times. Plus, I think dancing again just mentally helps me stay in a good place. Even when I am feeling down or sick, I feel better going. And truthfully, taking dance classes has helped me a lot mentally because I have some interaction with other people during the week outside of work. Even though I dont hang out with them outside of class, I know I'll have 2 nights each week that I'll be interacting with other people, and it helps me feel less lonely! And you all know, mental health really does contribute to overall health!

3) Therapy.
I've been seeing a therapist since August and we've been doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help me manage my stress. Primarily it started with work stress, but after my mom's cancer diagnosis we've also started focusing on dealing with personal stress. I just think this has really helped me to learn how to make myself a priority in my own life. I tend to be a "helper" and focus on other people, but in learning how to focus on myself to manage my stress, it's also helped me to learn better coping skills in all areas of my life.

Anyway, I am just feeling overall really good today. And I talked to my mom last night. She had her second chemo treatment on Wednesday, and though she felt nauseau afterwards because they lowered her steroid dosage this time, she was in better spirits. Her blood work all went back up from last week so that was excellent news; he prescribed her new sleeping pills and pain pills which are helping a whole lot more; and he said she can go back to work in January as long as she feels ok, but to take it easy. Although her hair is falling out in large clumps now, and she will have to start wearing her wigs soon, I think the positive news from her doctor really helped her feel a ton better, which in turn has helped me to feel a ton better as well. I know this will be a process over the next few months, but I am seriously going to take the good days with open arms.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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    emoticon emoticon 140 emoticon emoticon
    1018 days ago
    The weight increase when you eat gluten is the result of inflammation in your GI system and probably elsewhere. I get it too! Also from other grains as well now. I have not had to see the chiropractor as often now either since going completely grain free and low carb. My inflammatory process goes right into my joints too! I can gain up to 10# in a short period from eating foods that don't agree with me!

    emoticon on your loss and feeling good! Sometimes I miss things too, but have not yet found it to be worth it to eat gluten.
    1019 days ago
    emoticon on the weight and smaller size!
    1020 days ago
    140 lbs emoticon

    1020 days ago
    Love all the positives! Congrats on the 140! You're doing awesome!
    1020 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1020 days ago
    I got my driver's license on Friday August 13, 1982....not a bad day at all.

    I'm sorry you're sick. Hope it isn't too bad tonight for the party. Can't wait to see pics of the new dress!!
    Yay for 140!!!
    1020 days ago
  • GRANDMA1951
    Hope you're feeling better so that you can get to that party tonight. New dress and new you. You're going to rock it. Have a wonderful time.
    1020 days ago
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