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Lo Siento Mis Amigos!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

HELLLLOOO!!! I must apologize for my Spark Sabbatical. There were many reasons for it:
1.) Got married, got happy, got lazy
2.) Gym dates with the hubby became newlywed cuddle sessions on the couch
3.) Work has gotten busier on both jobs
4.) I was too ashamed
5.) I began a different journey: becoming one with my natural hair without weaves.

Let's begin with #1. MARRIED LIFE IS AWESOME. . . .when you marry the right person. I have been married before and it SUCKED. I like to refer to it as my Brittney Spears marriage; it was over before it started. Being married to Derrell is the best decision I have ever made. We got our wedding video back recently and we sat and watched it. It made me cry all over again just hearing our vowes. I am super excited for our future together.

2. As you can see in the above posted picture, gym dates became snuggle dates. I personally have not been to the gym almost at all since our wedding, with a few exceptions. When I am on the road for work, I workout like clockwork; there is nothing else to do! Also, I joined a bootcamp program so I go to these private classes 4-5 days a week and do one hour of high-intensity workouts. I also take the steps everywhere! Last month my hotel room was on the 9th floor. For four days I took the stairs to and from my room everytime. Man, that was a workout!

3. OMG work is crazy! My partner retired and the higher-ups will not replace him. I have had projects galore and when you add that on to having my part-time serving job, I am constantly on the go. Thankfully, I have decided after nearly 11 years serving tables, my last day will be April 14th.

4. I have been too ashamed to admit that I have gained 10 pounds from my all-time lowest weight. Hold up, I JUST ADMITTED IT!!! I did not want to be one of those chicks that are Sparking it out until their wedding and disappear just to reappear 40 lbs heavier. The weight has all went to my gut. It is disgusting looking. But I am not discouraged. I have my whole life to deal with this beast and once I tame the beast, I have to keep it chained down. I am comfortable right now, but I enjoyed myself more 10 lbs ago. I am focusing on getting back THERE rather than somewhere else.

5. Some of you may understand this, most may not. I have been transitioning my previously relaxed hair (chemically straightened) to my natural hair over the past 15 months. I had been paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars (ultimately over a thousand) to wear weaves (extensions) to make me feel pretty and to make me feel accepted as I grew the chemicals out of my hair. One day, I decided I was just going to go for it. I cut the weave out and the next day I stepped out a new woman:

No one at my corporate job said anything. NOTHING. I was shocked and slightly offended. After wearing all of these long weaves for nearly two years, it is obvious I have changed. I took it as a silent disapproval. I did have some girls that had already been natural come and find me to give me encouragement and tell me how good it looked. That helped. That same night I had to wait tables and I had no clue the response I would get. I work in an upper-middle class part of town where the majority of my customers do not look like me. Well whatever response I did not get at my day job, they more than made up for at my evening job. As soon as I walked in my co-workers were saying things like, "Wow!" "I love it!" "You look so young, cute and fresh!" "I WANT THAT HAIR!!" One girl told me that if she didn't know me, she would think I was the most confident, fun-loving girl ever and she would want to know more. I was blown away. AND THE CUSTOMERS!!! In ten years I have NEVER made that type of money. One or two commented, telling me they loved my fro. But the big surprise was in the tips. One guy tipped me $53 on a $47 bill!! In 4 hours I made $168 in tips and it wasn't a crazy busy night. It was like they were unknowingly telling me that I can make this transition and everything will be okay. After that night I began experimenting a little. Here is my "Rihanna" Style.

Well I have some catching up to do. Thank you to all of you who stopped to check in on me. I pray your SPark Journeys are going well. I don't know how often I will be around, but I will definitely be here.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad to see you back! Love the hair, girl rock your natural and save that money for getaways with the hubby lol.

    I assumed right that your were enjoying martial bliss, its a wonderful club to be in, when you have your soulmate to share it with. Enjoy!!!!

    see you when we do...

    ps... you'll take that weight off with all they running around your doing lol
    1528 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    Girl, your hair is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so proud of you and am so glad to hear you're doing well. Don't let that 10lbs get to you, I have no doubt you'll be where you want to be eventually. One thing I've learned with this journey is that it takes TIME and you simply cannot rush things.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    1529 days ago
    Just thought of you the other day as I drove past your "alternate work place" and was hoping that everything was going well. I LOVE your new hair style! I, too, have been struggling with the lbs going on and not coming off but it's been tough to stay motivated to get out and exercise when it's been so bitter cold. Enjoy your married life and just keep working on what you've been doing. Congrats on coming up with a stop date on the extra job - I'm not sure how you get everything done.
    1529 days ago
    Hey Nikki! Just stopping by SP to say hi to a few people! I see the wedding went great! You were a beautiful bride! Congrats. You will get back to it and lose it in no time. Also big ups on the natural hair journey! I stopped relaxing my hair years ago but its only been the last two years I have been more aware of how to treat my curls.

    I have five more weeks left til I have my baby and I will be back to give a blog update and then back fulltime once I get cleared by the Dr.
    Have a wonderful holiday and see you in the New Year! emoticon
    1530 days ago
    love the hair!
    1531 days ago
    YAY for married life!

    LOL on the responses to your hair. I know a few women who wear theirs natural like that. Now that I think about it, they do tend to come across as more "funky" and "fun-loving" than a lot of women I know who wear weaves. As a white girl, it was amazing to me as a kid to go over to my black friend's house and see how much of a PITA it was to deal with her hair - hours and hours of washing, styling, hot combs... she is one of the ones who now goes au naturale.

    1532 days ago
    I'm so happy that you are happy! You and Derrell look emoticon together! Life is great!

    I LOVE your hair. I am trying to go "natural" with my hair, which means no flat ironing. I'd love to have your hair!!!

    Glad to hear from you! Stop in a little more often!
    1532 days ago
    Glad you are back and your hair is beautiful!
    1533 days ago
    Oh my prayers have been answered!!! I was hoping and praying that you and your hubby were okay! Its so strange how you can care about someone you don't really know but when they disappear you're like "are they okay"!

    I know the feeling on that natural hair journey. I've been natural for like 4 years but I never wear my natural hair out due to some balding I experience from bad case of anemia. I'm still working on growing those areas back. I switch my hair up so much with wigs/weaves/extensions that my co-workers are always excited to see what I do next. I find people different than me are fascinated while those like me are like "you always doing something with that hair of yours...I'm jelly" (fun way). I think the biggest thing is when I tell some that I'm wearing a wig...utter shock is usally what I find it amusing especially when they're of a differenct race and I tell them they can borrow it any time. Most look like a deer in headlights because they actually think its my hair.

    Hon you're blessed and your light was shining I'm sure to your customers and they couldn't help but blessed you mightily. I'm sure that love of a newly married woman was radiating as well.

    You look fabulous, embarace it and keep moving forward. Wishing you and the hubby/family a very Merry Christmas!
    1533 days ago
    it looks great love i am trying to get my friend to do the same thing as you.she is an out of work single mom and pays a fortune to have her hair domne wiotzh extentions is money she can´t afford her kids are going without braces so her hair looks european shall we say.i think i am slowly getting through to her only time will tell.can i show her this blog next time she comes to visit.i wont if you don´t want me too.proud of you love for coming back now instead of waiting for the new year. emoticon
    1533 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I'm so glad you blogged. I was just speaking about you to one of my friends. She said I spoke of you as if I've known you for years. LOL I glad you're enjoying being married!! Love the hair! Take care & keep in touch! emoticon emoticon
    1533 days ago
    I am so excited to hear from you!! I have gained 10 pounds since Halloween from my lowest weight, and I haven't even been busy like you have... just busy eating LOL. So I am glad you are no longer ashamed because there is nothing to be ashamed about. I'm glad that you got your accountability in and are moving forward. I have no doubts the 10 pounds will be gone fairly soon. I also love your comment about "taming the beast" and once it is tamed you need to "chain it down". I am going to start thinking of it that way. I am at a point where I just wish I was done with weight loss. Now you and I both know this is FOREVER (that is why we are awesome ;)), but I am so ready to be at maintenance phase and maintaining a body I WANT. Right now I feel like I am working TOWARDS the body I want, and that is not nearly as fun as maintaining it and already having it. But I also feel (like you said) that there is no hurry or time limit to get this weight off.

    And your hair... oh boy! You are stunning short hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, I'll go out on a limb and say even with no hair because you are just naturally gorgeous. I loved the cute curly hair, it definitely was young and fun... and when I saw your Rhianna look I literally mumbled "sexy" out loud. I mumbled it because I'm at work and I don't need people to think I'm checking out women at work LOL... but you seriously look down right sexy! Work it girl!! emoticon
    1534 days ago
    oh you are so fun and i love the natural look! you look GREAT! congrats on your marriage.
    1534 days ago
    En Espanol huh??? Glad to hear you are doing well! Figured you were just busy being a newlywed and all. I love your hair it looks great and truth be told when you have a gorgeous face like yours you can rock any hairstyle! emoticon
    1534 days ago
    You are so cute and adorable however you wear your hair!


    1534 days ago
    Nikki I love your hair! I didn't recognize that girl in the striped top! I thought who is that cute girl! In fact I thought gee she looks like my cousin! Who is very very cute!
    I guess in your case you gained the freshman 10 #'s! LOL You have been working out like a mad woman girl! Keep up the good work! Those bootcamps are murder, I know that from first hand experience. Keep at it dear you will get rid of that 10 #'s!
    1534 days ago
    Your hair is CUTE!!! Embrace it!! I adore the Rhianna hair due! Thats really really cute!!

    The picture of you and Derrell lounging is sssssoooo cute. That is a framable picture. Glad you both are happy! emoticon

    OH and emoticon TONS!!! Was excited to see your blog emoticon
    1534 days ago
  • KNH771
    I love the hair! I keep playing with the idea of going natural myself, but it has been relaxed almost my entire life, and I just don't know where to begin. At work it probably wasn't disapproval, but fear. Nobody wants to say the wrong thing! emoticon
    1534 days ago
    I think your hair is SUPER CUTE!!!

    I think the fact that you only gained 10 lbs after getting married is commendable! You're coming back soon enough to 'fix' that!

    Missed you!
    1534 days ago
    I love your hair!!!
    1534 days ago
    It is perfectly understandable :) You put yourself back on the right path and that is whats important.
    And, I love your hair! So cute ;-)
    1534 days ago
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