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Running in this?...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ummmm... we got a wee bit of snow today. Travel bans have been issued and the Thruway is closed for about a 50 mile stretch along the lake. Guess what my dopey dog wanted to do this afternoon?

Go for a run!

I kept up with him, but running in boots through knee deep snow was quite the workout. I only ran about a mile before making him slow down and merely trot. The snow is deeper than he is tall, but that didn't stop him. He just bounded through the white stuff like he was in a race. Silly dog. I took him out this morning before the snow got bad, and I will take him out again after dinner, or as soon as my jeans finish drying from our afternoon walk. The snow falling today is the heavy stuff so it cakes onto your legs when you go through it.

I had to do errands this afternoon and I had an appointment with my therapist. Doing the errands and getting TO my appointment were fine. Traffic was a little slow, but just because people were being cautious. Coming home though... yikes! White out conditions meant I drove home at about 5mph (though I did get up to 20mph for a block or so). A normally 8 minute drive took about half an hour.

I don't have to drive anywhere until tomorrow after I walk with my niece. I drive her out to the grandparents' house. I just hope dad will have plowed before we get there. One good thing about all this snow is that I will have the chance to go snow shoeing tomorrow before catching a ride back into town with dad. Getting out of the parking lot tomorrow might be a bit tricky.
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