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CONSISTENCY is the KEY to Weight Loss

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The hardest part of losing weight is that it takes time. When clients come to me for online personal training, they tell me about how they want to build their confidence back up or really want to be able to see muscle tone in their body. The one thing they don’t mention, but I know, is that they want it YESTERDAY.

I remember that day when I was walking off the elevator of my apartment building and I looked down at my legs and saw it… cellulite on the front of my legs. Why couldn’t it have just stayed on the back where I couldn’t see it? That was one of the worst moments, but looking back, one of the best moments.

My weight loss journey beginning was leading up to that moment, but right then and there I decided this was not acceptable. I don’t recall the exact details of the rest of my day, but I am sure it went something like, I walked into my house and completely decided not to eat anything. Then I am sure I woke up the next morning to see if I had lost any weight!

It isn’t just with weight loss where we want results, and want them NOW. But it does not work that way. It works with time and consistency.

Remember when you first started dating your husband or boyfriend? You didn’t meet one day then get married three weeks later. You had to go on dates, have first kisses, break up with other boyfriends, and get to know the person before committing.

Or like when you started your business.. You didn’t just open up the doors and get $10,000 in sales in your first day, or maybe not even your first year.

Or when you house trained your dog. You had to take him outside and give him treats for “going” outside day after day, and then stay consistent with it week after week. And even then, he probably had accidents here and there.

That is exactly like losing weight. You aren’t going to wake up one day and suddenly be ten pounds lighter, no matter how “perfect” you eat or how many hours you workout. You are going to have “accidents” or slip ups in your diet. There are going to be times that you eat something totally off your meal plan, but you need to just say, “okay.. I probably shouldn’t have eaten that entire bag of chips, but I did, now it’s time to move on and make my next meal a healthy one.”

If you restrict yourself too much, you can pretty much anticipate those slip ups. If your meal plan calls for 1400 calories a day of lettuce and grilled chicken, you’re probably going to feel like garbage since most women are burning at least 1700 – 1800 calories a day not even including their workouts. So here you are, in a major caloric deficit and you are eating the most boring, unsatisfying and gross meals ever. Who the heck wants to do that? I know I wouldn’t last a day!

But let’s just say you are working with me with online personal training and I give you a kickass weight loss meal plan that feeds you well and you get to enjoy things like filet mignon, bacon wrapped scallops, sweet potatoes with coconut oil and fresh pineapple on a regular basis but you still get that hankering for some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Well one bowls turns into three and next thing you know the box is really light, you have to understand that these things happen.. just move on. Your next meal is your next opportunity to get back on track!

To be perfectly honest with you, when my weight loss clients go from eating crap day in and day out to eating PERFECT in a matter of days, and never have cheat meals or treats, I get nervous because I know that 180 is gonna turn into a 360. YOU HAVE TO HAVE MODERATION.

I promise you, as much as you believe a 1000 calorie deficit every day is going to help you, it’s gonna screw you up. You’re gonna really slow down your metabolism, you’re gonna lose that precious muscle mass we work so hard to see, you’re gonna starve yourself so that your body holds onto it’s own fat and you’re gonna restrict yourself so much it will lead to a binge.

Just follow the plan set out for you to lose weight . Lift weights (as heavy as you can while maintaining proper form) regularly. Sprint a few times a week and get that heart rate up HIGH. Do a lot of walking, stretching and general moving around. Eat mostly clean, healthy nutritious foods but eat things you enjoy from time to time. DO NOT STRESS. Stress will make you hold onto fat!!! I promise you, if you can do these things and remain patient and have faith, you will get your dream body. You will look sexy for your husband or boyfriend. You will lose body fat and see lean muscle tone.

Now it’s your turn..

When have you found that being patient is what got you the results you wanted?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post:
EFKLUTZ 12/14/2013 1:37PM

    your blog describes my last year - I'm 30+ lbs down so far, I still have to tone my legs and hips but I know I'll get there. Patience and consistency is key. Every once in while I have a relapse (I am human) and I almost panic and want to do something drastic to lose the 2-4 lb gain...Thankfully, after reading the Beck Diet Solution, I respond to this sabotaging thought: "OK, it's done. I regret it. Time to move forward, get back to my regular healthy routine and my weight will normalize and no lasting harm done." Thanks for re-iterizing this lesson in your blog. Your photos are very inspirational.

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BLESSEDGRAMMA2 12/13/2013 11:32AM

    Thanks for the email that was sent to me!
I'm signing up to follow your blogs :)
I need so much work!
And you definitely seem like a HUGE motivator, inspirational "know what you're talking about" person to follow!
I'm going to start placing more importance on weight lifting at home than I have been!
emoticon emoticon

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NICKB1978 12/11/2013 6:05PM

    OMG!!! I so needed to read this today!! The lord must of sent you a message from me, lol. I have been on a 30 day water cleanse for the last 10 days, and I had one hicup. My 30 day cleanse is no alchol, soda or juice. Last friday i had a hicup(i figured I would have at least one) and I had 3 glasses of wine, but i made sure to drink water afterwards to start flushing the wine out of my system. I have not had any more hicups and do not plan to, at least during the rest of this 30 day challenge that is,lol. any who back to my point, I felt horriable aftewards and i said to myself all that hard work it gone out the window, but then i pulled myself together and rememberd a quote some one told me... "you cant get skinny or fat over night" so the next day i did what you said, i picked myself up of the ground and started over the next day and I have been on point ever since...

CONSISTENCY is the last piece to the weight loss puzzle. Even though I have not noticed any physical changes, i feel slimmer and in control and that i love. I know the physical changes will come i just need to be patient(i know i spelled that wrong lol). Any who I needed to read this today and I thank you for you blogs on here and your post on FB, it all keeps me motivated, YOU ROCK!!!

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EVIE4NOW 12/11/2013 4:17PM

  Great advice. Thank you.

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