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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And it's not even about the scale anymore. It's about feeling awesome. Ya know?

I finally began "week 2" on the Spark people rookie run and C25 yesterday. Yup, even in the ice. I thought I was going to collapse right there. Which is probably what I needed. See, Jillian Michaels always screams for her contestants to get out of their comfort zone and I knew this but didn't really FEEL it until yesterday. Two minutes doesn't SOUND like a lot to run in, unless you are used to 60 second jogs (me) I am proud to report though that I did it. I thought on the first interval of two minutes that I wasn't going to be able to and started walking when the bell hit (I had made two minutes) so that motivated me to keep going.

Now, my time was slower than my walks, buuuuut we'll work on speed as we progress into awesomeness.

I began a new job. Part time at a local thrift store. My daughter had volunteered for the Kitty rescue and they opened up a store to help support them as well as all the spay/neutering. It's nice...I go in pretty much every other day and assist the manager on whatever she needs. I got the job to help save up for Miranda's move to Kansas City. She was getting "unexcited" about leaving San Fran so I did a bunch of pins on Pinterest. Now she's excited again. We just have to figure out a few logistics as she will be without pay for a few months (hence my job) and a lot of traveling before she actually starts.

I'm also saving up for youngest to do her competitive cheer next year. I was worried about the schedule clashing for Saturdays (I work then) when it hit me "OMGosh, she'll be 16 and driving" Which is no big deal other than she's my YOUNGEST. I can't have a baby girl driving!! emoticon

I think I'm beginning a beet project for myself. See, even going vegan I can't seem to get my blood pressure down (the bottom number) the top number seems to be dropping but the heart pressure one is not. I've done some research and this is probably (and I do stress probably as I am not a DR) due to my chronic kidney problems. O.o One suggestion that seems to be coming up over and over again is beetroot juice.

Now, when I attempted the 60 day fast for 3 days, my blood pressure dropped quite significantly. So I says "self, this may be something here" Beetroot juice is supposedly like this awesome stuff for kidney function which in turn, helps blood pressure.

soooooo "self, do I juice beetroot every morning with breakfast or attempt a full on week to 'jumpstart' things?"

decisions decisions.

I will start with breakfast beets.

Beets n coffee....MMmm good!!

Oh, in unrelated news, found out yesterday from Chase that someone bought a car with my social number. Not sure how they did that since I don't quite qualify for a car. Of course, come to think of it, I probably didn't qualify because they had already BOUGHT a 2014 Kia Sorrento. I told the police to go find the stolen car and bring it back to me since it was rightfully mine. LOL took care of all that mess yesterday.

Tom met with the regional manager of Lincoln golf and landed a "exclusive" contract with our BBQ business. He's beside himself with happiness and this makes me proud of him. He's really come a long way since our lowest point a few years back. His back is fully fused and he even jogged like four steps! LOL We are hoping the BBQ will be enough to keep him afloat while the base closes his unit. This way he doesn't have to find a new job in another state until the girls are done with school. Today, along with Spark, I have already put in the calls to reaffirm our license and insurance information. I will be charge of the paperwork (of course) and my potato salad. Oh good lord I never thought my potato salad would amount to this. LOL

Our future goal (every couple should have a five year goal) is to someday travel the US and enter those competitions. For fun mostly.

Should be interesting, a Vegan and her BBQ'in Hubby.

Who knew?
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