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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My mom sent me an article last week about exercising too much can make it harder to get pregnant... Seriously? I am not a gymnast who has so little body fat my body has stopped menstruating. My BMI would consider me overweight, let me exercise or I might hurt someone. I know people mean well but really? I don't go around attacking her diet and lack of exercise. The fitness teachers at my gym have children and workout more than I do. Why do those close to us think they can say stuff that a friend wont say to you? She meant well I keep telling myself that.

Everything has been quiet. I am trying to get jump started cooking more again. Been eating a lot of premade stuff. It's so easy to start a bad habit and follow it for days out of laziness. It's been so cold here, can't walk the dogs. I got their little coats on yesterday (they are excited about walking until they gotta wear coats then they get depressed lol) We made it 5 houses down before Patsy gave me the "my feet hurt" look and I had to carry her home and give up. So I have been trying to hit 5 am dance classes instead. It's getting easier as I learn what to eat before. I am not a person who can go to a class on an empty stomach. I eat a yogurt and take a few sips of coffee, that seems to be working.

My boss gave me these little fleece sweaters for my dogs. I guess her 1 dog has quite a wardrobe and had some to spare. Very nice of Dot to share her hand me downs especially since they would have cost me 60 dollars for the three of them. Love my three little munchkins.
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  • NATTY0488
    There are so many things that can make it harder to get pregnant, but stressing about it is probably the worst thing. If you're trying, just keep at it. If you feel something is seriously wrong, go to a doctor. Most of the time the things that people hear make it harder don't apply to you.
    1437 days ago
    OMG - I get SO MANY articles from my mom about stress, trying too hard, diets, exercise...everything about every possible reason we're struggling with having a baby. Oh, and a lot of reminders about my cousins and other family members who struggled and had a baby - yeah, well, trying for 6 months and then having a healthy baby - no miscarriages, no years of trying...does NOT constitute struggling. UGH. I know our moms mean well, but seriously...
    1438 days ago
    Your dogs are precious! Our basset hounds fight us on clothes, which is fine by me...though I'm sure they could benefit from wearing them when it's so cold outside.
    1439 days ago
  • JWARD199
    Love the puppy dog coats! They are adorable.
    1439 days ago
    The dogs aren't too sure about the sweaters, LOL - look at those faces!

    And the article - well, moms are moms, you know? They want to fix things.
    1439 days ago
    I'm sure your mom is eager to have a grand baby and is grasping at straws. LOL. I have friends that do that. They think every article relates directly to them and even ask me if they need things they see on T.V. for conditions they don't even have!! I think it's the power of suggestion. I'm sure your mom wants to do whatever it takes for you to get pregnant. My parents were the same way. I was 30 and every time they saw me they reminded me of my age and said in their own way, "Why aren't you pregnant??!! Dad was the worst and even asked me what I was waiting for. Good grief!!

    The dogs are so cute even if depressed. LOL. They must be kin to me because I literally hate to wear a coat and my husband nags me about it. I don't even like to wear long sleeves or long pants to be truthful. I obviously was not mean to live where it gets cold. Poor little Patsy. LOL. I can imagine walking in the snow with bare feet. EEK!!!!

    1440 days ago
    what cute pups...and as for excercising, do what you feel like and ignore your mom
    1440 days ago
    Your munchkins are beautiful in their little coats! emoticon
    1440 days ago
    Stay motivated!
    1440 days ago
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