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A Material Girl ? Not Me

Monday, December 09, 2013

" Never make a credit decision on a beach." Victor J. Boschini

People just know to ruin a good thing. They are in the most beautiful surroundings at the beach . They have the beauty of mother nature . emoticon emoticon emoticon .The have blue skies and calm seas. emoticon
and lots of sunshine.

What are they doing really enjoying themselves? .No they are thinking about what they will buy. What new gadget they can possess. Who cares if they can't afford it. ? They buy it anyway.

You see them everywhere talking on their cell phones , playing with their e-readers. Listening to their I pod . A few bring their laptops while they discuss how their gps got them there. They have the latest coolers and the coolest chairs.

Well I will have none of that. All I need to happy on the beach is a towel and a good paperback book. I go to the beach to listen to the waves. To marvel at the scenery.

But I guess I am different . You see my car is over 10 years old. My computer over 5 years. I have a very small I pod my daughter gave me that is also 5 years old with songs on it from that time. I don't have the latest cell phone, I don't have gps for my car. I don't have it and I don't miss it.

I do have some debt but I am working on it.

I am proof that you can enjoy your life you can happy and fulfilled emoticon
Without the latest or newest gadget.

Next time you at the beach unplug wind down and enjoy the scenery. That goes for the mountains and lakes and your latest outdoor workout. That way you don't miss the important stuff.
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