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Once again I won't be sending the Christmas newsletter this year!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Years! Welcome to the Christmas news letter that again this year I will write but not send.

Gosh I love newsy Christmas letters. I read every braggy word. The letter I love the most won’t be arriving in my mail box this year, nor any other year ever again. Such is life.

I started 2013 with high hopes that 2013 would be a better year than 2012. I always start the New Year hoping for a better year. On January 21 my Mother was hospitalized with a nasty bladder infection. On the morning of January 22nd my hospitalized Mother fell and broke her hip. On February 20th, after 3 weeks of intense physical therapy, and the day she was to go home from the nursing home, my mother had a massive stroke. On February 27th my Mother told me over the phone that she was dying. She requested that I come to AZ to visit with her one last time. On March 2nd I arrived in AZ. A state I haven’t been to in 18 years.

The stroke paralyzed my Mother’s right side, yep the same broken hip side. She could not swallow at all. After much testing the doctors decided that my Mother would not regain any of the functions the stroke took away. They also decided that my 84 year old mother who thought she was 4 months pregnant was in her right mind and able to make her own decisions. Despite the begging and pleading from both myself and my step father my mother refused a feeding tube. On March 17th at 11:55 pm my mother died.

In June my son John with only two weeks left of unemployment funds took a minimum wage job that was 55 miles away from his home. 55 miles and a bridge toll away. He had to take in a roommate in order to make ends met. The job market is still crappy here in Washington. John is still working the same job and is happy to even have a job.

Kurt had his first surgery of the year in August. After that he has bounced from doctor to doctor trying to figure out if his foot and ankle are the problem or his back. Kurt hasn’t worked since 2008. He fell and broke his back in 2 places that year. The doctors now believe his inability to walk is due to his broken back, not his foot. Back surgery is in the cards for Kurt.

Jake is still working for the same company. He is hoping for a promotion. I am also still working for the same company. I’m just hoping for a little less work.

Happy New Year to all of you from the great Ever Rain State of Washington!

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