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A lot of exercising

Monday, December 09, 2013

This weekend I "made up" for not exercising during deadline days last week - and I am happy that I spent two hours walking the woods with doggy saturday and one hour sunday because as we were walking yesterday the snow started falling

the snow flakes aren´t visible in the photo but they are there and it fell down about 20-30 centimeters. It will make it hard to walk unplowed roads and the running track we usually use will be turned into a ski-track so it will not be possible to walk doggy there. And since biking also it out of the question me think doggy will get fat...myself, I can go swimming or to the gym

I have a little plan to try "sparking" on the lake. This is a "spark":

and the idea would be to put the bike box on the "spark" for Doggy to rest in if it gets to cold...sometimes you can use the spark on roads but they mostly put sand on the roads so it will be impossible _ I´ll never forget one time when there was this marvellous "spark" weather and I got out and went down the road for five kilometers, wonderful - and the sand truck came so I had to sort of carry the spark all the way home...

That spark is long gone but my friend who lives down the lake has one that I can borrow and test my idea with doggy with - we just have to wait for the ice to get safe... I am a little scared for ice, even when I see the cars get out on it I feel like "maybe, it won´t hold me..."

I was also very happy to get my horse tralier out of the way, it has been parked in the street and I thought that if the snow comes I need to get it parked elsewhere before the plow comes - and I did talk about it saturday but when I finally got around to it sunday, it was already a couple of decimeters snow so I could hardly get it moved. But I did and parked it down at the friend and there it will "sleep" all winter now I think... very relieved for not having that hanging over me.

The bird restaurant is open and lively frequented - I hope you see the beautiful red one it´s "domherre" in Sweden and they only come out from the woods in the winter, the female is brown it is the male that has this beautiful red breast.

Last week I very impulsively signed up to perform three minutes at a rookienight for stand-up comedy. I do have this rather famous standupcomedian as facebook friend who announced this night and I thought it was in Stokholm and said, rather cocky "why don´t you arrange it in your village (70 kilometers from here) and I´ll come running" and he said that it WAS in his village... and even though I feel very nervous and doomed to failure it is perfect - I have planned to try standup for "ever", I went on a weekend workshop last autumn, a friend and me have been trying to write material and had planned a show for my birthday but chickened out - so it is good to be forced and have a deadline.

Tonight my friends at the theatre will act as a test audience, I have my three minutes ready, they might not be hilariously funny, I think it is mostly in the presentation which means I can´t get too nervous because performance is everything... it is somehow a dream come thorugh, I have fiddled with the idea forever since I am a very funny lecturer - but it is one thing to lecture about a subject and then the audience get the "bonus" of a witty speech, and another thing to be a standup comedian that HAS to be funny...

I am calming myself with the thought that it is all about being me on that stage, if I manage to be my usual me on stage it will be funny and if the audience does not like that I shall not pursue the career and let it go.

To quote sparkfriend jacksgrain: Upwards onwards!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your walk looked beautiful, and what a treat to have all those feeders drawing in so many birds. How appropriate to have equipment and activity called spark/sparking! Looks like lots of fun, hope your dog enjoys doing it with you.

    Sounds like your 3 minute standup could turn into your "15 minutes of fame", or more! Best of luck - you'll knock 'em dead! emoticon
    1536 days ago
    Wow, how marvelous! Just pretend you are giving a lecture and putting in funny comments. You'll be great!

    Do a blog about it of course.

    1537 days ago
    Wow! You have so much going on and so many plans for more! WTG! Your pictures are beautiful, what a wonderful place to walk! That "sparking" is new to me, looks like fun. I used to live on a lake in MI and it was great fun in the winter; but nothing like that.
    You'll so great with the stand up; you're ready for it. Go girl!!

    1537 days ago
    I love your adventurous spirit! Bravo for you taking on another performance!

    The domherre is beautiful, I haven't seen one! In Stockholm I mostly see magpies, house martins, white wagtails, barnacle geese and of course Canada geese!
    1537 days ago
    Meddy you are witty, smart, cool and a go getter! The audience will love you!

    I went to our town square to a little Christmas tree lighting and school choirs performances. It was a nice warm evening. The kids sang their hearts out. I thought of you. It was so rare for me to go out, unlike you who is always going and doing. I knew you'd be proud of me. There were several hundred people. But I did well. One little boy spilled his soda on my skirt but I didn't care. I went with my neighbor and it was fun! I felt so good being out. emoticon
    1537 days ago
    emoticon Great pictures!! And good for you for facing your fears and doing your standup act!! Will look forward to reading about it.
    1537 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    keep up the good work!!
    1537 days ago
  • 1SALMON1
    I think it is just completely WONDERFUL that you are going to do standup comedy! That is a unique skill and brings joy to so many; it takes courage and intelligence - I'm just so delighted and impressed! I hope you have a wonderful time and I hope you write about it! As for weather and birds, it's cold here in my part of Oregon - 13 F at night (rare for us) and mid 20's in the day. Dry, no snow yet. I keep trading the hummingbird feeders because they freeze, of course; and the yard is full of dozens of birds at the feeders. A golden-crowned sparrow hit my window today & was stunned; it's so cold I thought it might not survive - plus there are cats in the yard. So i put the sparrow in a box with a heating pad & left it on my patio - in about 20 minutes up popped the bird onto the edge of the box, thought things over, and flew away. I hope you have a great week!
    1537 days ago
  • TLB1630
    Beautiful pictures - we just received our 1st actual snow of this season and WOW! Only about 6" but since it's Sunday - no plows and the roads were a disaster! But just came back from a late night walk and it was so peaceful and white!
    1537 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    pictures of the snow were nice since we do not get snow here in san diego, ca.
    1537 days ago
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