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It has been a good weekend...

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Oh, if only every weekend could be like this one! Dh and I spent the whole weekend doing "us" stuff. Friday it snowed all day and night, and we stayed in and watched Muppet Christmas Carol, listened to Christmas music, wrapped gifts, and just hung out together.

Yesterday was surprisingly a more agreeable day than expected. The snow hadn't piled up too badly, and we got out of the house and made a quick trip to the library. Dh had a book reserved there that he was dying to get his paws on. We watched football, {oh, my Buckeyes, le sigh}, played cards and made candy. In addition to both of us spending copious amounts of time reading our various things. I read A Christmas Carol the other night, which I really liked. I have seen several adaptations of it, and loved them, but I just read the story itself. Very good.

And today was a lazy, sleep in day. Then we had some food, watched some more football and took a short nap. After that, we made our cookie dough, which is chilling in the fridge at the moment. It will soon be time to roll out the dough and cut it out. I'm very hopeful that our cookies will turn out well. I'm no cookie expert, so this is kind of an experiment. It's my mom's sugar cookie recipe, and though I helped her with them as a child... it's been a while.

Eating... well, I'm not gonna lie. I have not kept my priorities very straight this weekend. I have eaten quite a bit of crap. I gave myself permission to not have to spend this lovely weekend being hungry. Unfortunately what I did not do was find a happy medium between not being hungry, and eating like a piggy. I have eaten like a piggy.

I'm ready to sort myself out, though. I took a break this weekend, and I really enjoyed the weekend. It was a perfect holiday weekend with dh. But now that I have been eating crappily for a few days, I FEEL crappy, and I wanna get rid of that feeling. So tomorrow morning I will be back on track. Dh goes back to work, and life will return to normal cadence. There will be many freggies had tomorrow, for sure. And no greasy fast food. Time to get back on track and ready for the last couple weeks til Christmas.

Unfortunately one thing about tomorrow is going to SUCK. I have to see my psychiatrist. It sucks for one reason, because she always leaves me waiting as much as 3 hours {literally} in the waiting room before she calls me back. But if I call and ask if she's running on schedule, they just tell me I need to be there at my appointment time. Drives me absolutely stark raving mad. But more than that, it sucks because I don't know what to say to her. Since she has reduced my medications, I have been significantly less stable. But I don't think telling her that would do me any good. I'm pretty sure she thinks I am selling my meds on the street because I am on such a high dose. While I wish I were... alas, I NEED those meds, and I'm feeling the pain of not having them. I really wish I could get an appointment with another psychiatrist, but I have had no luck finding one, despite my best efforts, and I am stuck with her. I guess the only thing I can do is be honest, and let her do whatever she's gonna do. Which will hopefully NOT be to take more medication from me.

But, I'll have plenty of time to worry about that while I'm sitting in the waiting room. For the rest of tonight, I'm going to enjoy the evening with dh. Finishing our cookies, reading, and waiting for the game to come on tonight.

I hope everyone else has had such a lovely weekend also!

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  • KAB7801
    One day at a time
    Tomorrow will be a change!
    1348 days ago
    So sorry your doc is like that. Totally not right and it doesn't sound likely to change.
    1352 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Hi! How did the Dr appointment go? Hope it was better than you anticipated. Sounds like you had a really great weekend. Glad you like the pics. We did have a blast, and with it being so warm, that was icing on the cake so to speak. We raked leaves and pine needles this afternoon. We are trying to get our grass to grow. It is a slow process here. Hope you have a great night!!
    1352 days ago
    Wow, good luck with your psychiatrist...I am really sorry to hear about the waiting time AND your meds. Ouch.
    1352 days ago
    I'm glad you've had such a great weekend! We all need those, even if you don't eat the way you had originally planned.

    And I'm so sorry to hear about your psychologist, having to deal with that kind of negativity can't be helping you. It might be worth it to go the rounds again, and see if any other psychologists will suit your needs now - sometimes, a lot can change in just a few months.

    Good luck!
    1352 days ago
    I'm so glad you had such a good weekend!
    1352 days ago
    What a delightful weekend! Sounds absolutely perfect to me.

    Regarding your doctor, just reading this makes my blood boil. How does she justify this lack of respect when you confront her? Having to wait for more than 30 minutes is absolutely unacceptable. There is a very small possibility that your doctor isn't even aware how long you have to wait. I have found that sometimes the office staff is to blame for the insane waiting time because of their inability to schedule effectively. Maybe you should check that out. Good luck!
    1353 days ago
    So glad you and your sweetie had such a lovely weekend! It would be so nice if more couples could do just what you did. Just can't beat having that connection with your loved one.

    Now, about this doctor, is it possible you can find somebody else. That just doesn't sound at all appropriate. It's completely rude and such a lack of consideration. :-(

    Hope you have a great week!!!!
    1353 days ago
    It sounds like a great weekend!! I had a dr that made me wait like that too. I hate that!! Its just so disrespectful! You know if you showed up 3 hours late for your appt they would make you reschedule. I don't get why its ok in a drs mind to make the patients wait 3 hours.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have to remember that I have accomplished a lot especially this week. I gained 2 lbs after Thanksgiving and I haven't gotten it off yet. But I just keep telling myself its only 2 lbs and it will come off.
    I hope you don't have to wait too long for your appt tomorrow.

    1353 days ago
    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. What happened with OSU? I always wanted to go there when I was getting ready to go to college but my parents thought it was too far away. I ended up at Penn-State but luckily my then boyfriend, now hubby was also there so it worked out. BTW he and younger daughter headed home today from Fargo and got as far as Eau Claire Wisconsin and had to stop due to snow and bad roads. At this rate we may see them by next weekend instead of the projected Tuesday.

    It is snowing here too and so far about 4 of the forecasted 6 inches has fallen. It is supposed to turn to sleet and freezing rain and then all rain later tonight. So hopefully the rain will wash away most of the snow!!

    Hope your psychiatrist gets and stays on schedule tomorrow. My endocrinologist is like that. I made early afternoon appointments at first and ended up waiting sometimes almost an hour and half-two hours so I got smart and made first appointment but then I only go see her every 6 months.

    Have a great rest of the evening!!

    1353 days ago
    1353 days ago
    Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. I hope tomorrow goes smothly for you!
    1353 days ago
    emoticon I'm glad you're having a great weekend! I hope you appointment tomorrow is on time, but I know how that goes.
    1353 days ago
    I hope that tomorrow's appt is a happy surprise !
    1353 days ago
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