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Kindness Is Contagious........

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Kindness is the one thing that is good to spread, and even though we may not always see it ........ it keeps going full circle. Think about acts of kindness that have come your way ...... and maybe some random acts you could give ......... to help spreading the one good thing that is forever good in our world.

In Sparks alone, there are so many ways to share kindness and keep the sparks burning and even turn into bright torches.

One thing I like to do is look at recently written blogs ........ As I scroll through a few pages, I look for the blogs that have 0 to 3 responses........ Sometimes I notice there are those that have lots of replies ......... But I like to read the one with no replies or very few ............ Why? .......... Because I would not want someone to feel like they were not important or what they poured their heart into writing about ...... did not matter too much ............ Because maybe that person could use an uplift, a spark or a friend.
And ....... I want to see them continue and have a meaningful successful journey in Sparks and in their lives.

Earlier in life, a significant act of kindness etched my very own dreams ........ to become like the person who stood by me in much pain and suffering.
I was experiencing my first childbirth ...... with my Son, and the Nurse who stayed @ my bedside during the entire painful process, gently spoke words of assurance to me, repeatedly placed cold clothes on my burning face .......... I do not remember her face, but decades later, I still remember that unforgettable act of kindness ............. And I made the decision then .............. When I completed Nursing school, and became a Nurse, I wanted to be that kind of gentle, caring person to others who were in pain and needed comfort. Happily ........ that dream came to pass.

A few days ago I blogged about my Boss, who at the young age of 47 unexpectedly died of an aneurysm. Perhaps still reflecting about life, and how fragile it is .......... I thought more ............ Each person will live a legacy .......... People left will always remember ........... Whether that person was kind or was not .............. We leave footprints and our voices are still heard in the memory of those who knew us ............. I want mine to be soft and gentle, yet still laughing as I often do ..............

Those random acts of kindness are contagious and they can spread through our Spark community and through our world ........... It so makes our world a better place.

And it doesn't cost anything .......... Maybe just a little time .........

Merry Christmas Spark friends ....... and remember .... You matter! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GLORY-
    We DO influence everyone we come in contact with. Thats why we should make it a positive one!
    1428 days ago
    Thanks 2B. This is so true...kindness and being upbeat are the things I remember most about people. emoticon
    1564 days ago
    Acts of kindness are the threads that hold humanity together, and you weave them well! emoticon
    1564 days ago
    Tis the season! Well, anytime is good for a random act of kindness, so thanks for the reminder. Great blog! And I knew I liked you, I'm a nurse, too ;-). emoticon
    1564 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/9/2013 8:11:40 PM
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    1564 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    This is such a precious blog… It is so important and I thank you for sharing it with us.

    Paula emoticon
    1565 days ago
    Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. - Dalai Lama

    And as always - The Golden Rule.
    ...many forget it. Many do not. It matters. We all matter.

    Sending emoticon

    1565 days ago
    Thank you for another wonderful and inspiring blog! emoticon
    1565 days ago
  • DARLY55
    This is a most excellent blog, Jan, my friend!
    If only more people would be like you! I do love random acts of kindness - and the whole thought process behind them.

    1565 days ago
  • BERRY4
    So an honest question: If one has a long history of not being especially kind, or thoughtful--being far more "task-oriented" rather than "people-oriented" --is it really possible to bring about true change??

    I seem to be able to have some empathy when I know about an honest problem, but it is not my first response. My people skills are lacking in many directions. emoticon
    1565 days ago
    That is what I like to do when I find a blog with little or no people saying anything to that person. All people are valued and should be told as well that they are valued.
    1565 days ago
    This is a lovely blog. A lot of sparkpeople come and go. Almost all the people I added a year or more ago have permanently left so I think for most people whose pages are private they may not get that many comments. But that's okay because it means those who do leave encouraging messages really do care :)

    Nevertheless I agree about the sentiment of random acts of kindness. emoticon
    1565 days ago
    I feel the same way. If someone's blog doesn't have any responses, or very few, I would like to help that person feel better by commenting on their blog, and befriending them. We all know how nice it is to have friends.
    1565 days ago
    Your blog moved me. The thoughtful insights to the smallest acts of kindness to why you became a nurse touched my heart. Thank you for taking the time to share.
    1565 days ago
    What a wonderful blog and reminder we all need to feel needed and important and cared for we all think its has to be something big to be an act kindness leaving a note on a blog that has none might just keep that person sparking along. dropping by with a goodie for some one just might keep them checking in to see who has visited thank you for the simple reminder i did it Friday while i driving though the Wal Mart parking lot saw a spot close by so turned to take saw two other cars follow me so i just kept going five more spots and took that one as a walked to the store the person who got the close spot was getting out of the car with three little ones and said thank you you made my day easier. some thing as simple as a parking place made her day and i waled away smiling . thanks for sharing emoticon one act at a time emoticon
    1565 days ago
    2B, I just love your blogs. You are such a sweet person. I do that same thing with blogs...looking for the ones with 0-3 responses. I have a spark friend now that writes a short blog quite often and it seems that, including mine, 3 might be the most responses I've seen. She needs that encouragement. She's a nice lady.

    Anyway, thanks for being your sweet self. We ALL need it!

    Merry Christmas back to you, 2B.

    Pattie emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    a great blog and your kindness shows through very often hugs in fact I have never found you not kind my friend being a nurse takes a special person nurses are angels on earth
    1565 days ago
    I was just chatting to a man after church. He said, how much it meant to him that a certain older lady always gave everyone she could a hug and ask about their family. We mentioned that most of those we think of were a certain age.

    I said, gee, now a days , people could even shout out an e-mail or text to encourage someone.

    I appreciated your thought on the matter.

    I had thought of making a list of small things we could do for others. All is takes is a plan and do it here and there. emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    You are awesome!
    1565 days ago
  • A_SIZE6
    they should have a random acts of kindness team for people that would like to do that. I also try and comment on blogs with no replies to show support to the people and encourage them
    1565 days ago
    Thank you.
    1565 days ago
    I can so relate to this blog. There are a bunch of people whose spark pages I visit and leave a comment, and it saddens me each time, because the only comments and goodies they have are from me. It is time consuming, but worth it, and I don't stop, because I keep thinking how it would feel to be on this site and NOT be noticed by anybody.

    Even though it has been almost 16 years, I still remember the man who was assigned to me during childbirth. I remember him keeping my music tape that I brought with me going, holding my hand, and telling the doctors working on me to shut up and stitch faster because all the pain killer was wearing off and I was feeling every stitch, telling me silly jokes to keep my mind off things...I don't remember his face, only the kindness and compassion in his voice and touch.

    Yes, it is the little things that we do in life that really matter the most, and make the biggest impact on others.
    1565 days ago
    This is a blog everyone should read. Thanks.
    1565 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    I am a great believer in a smile none of us know what kind of pain and unhappiness
    is hidden, I know when I feel a little down a smile sent in my direction by a passer by brightens my life a lot.

    emoticon Keep Smiling
    1565 days ago
    Great thoughts, girl. Great blog.
    1565 days ago
    aww...... that was very sweet! emoticon
    1565 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Kindness is very contagious! As Buddha said ... Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Kindness is just like the candles Buddha referenced! Keep on being the kind, caring person you are.
    1565 days ago
    Wow! What a beautiful blog and beautiful attitude!!!! I share your drive to create a nicer world beginning with YOU! I love & live by trying to commit random acts of kindness daily! It really takes very little to put a smile on someone's face and lighten their load. Your blog did that for me and warmed my heart!

    Thank you for sharing your gifts! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    What a beautiful blog! You are a total sweetheart! Sending you lots of hugs!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    what a wonderful blog. It is time we each stop our busy lives and touch someone to make a difference. You are a very special person. thanks for being you.
    1565 days ago
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