Sunday, December 08, 2013

When we love God with all our whole heart and others as our self We would not steel lie slander murder camite adultery Use others mistreat any one Would Have compassion and be the helper of others not a hoarder think we are rich because we are better than those in our mind no good poor They do not deserve fair wages How can we get rich if others deserved all they needed to survive to Work no matter how hard is not wrath much to those who are rich The exploitation of the uneducated and poor has been going on for a long time That night never be change It suits to many to stay as is Many who say they are Christian do not live like them We can not be like the warld and like Jesus at the same time We have to ask God to help us get away from all our sinful thoughts wards and dead's in us By nature we are sinners That with Gods help we can change We are a wark in progress as long as we live in change The Holy Ghost warks in us ,Peace and love my friends
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