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A day with mom...

Saturday, December 07, 2013

So, last night mom asked if I would drive her to Jamestown today for a Scandinavian Christmas festival. I agreed. I walked the dog before dad came to pick me up, then went to their house to get mom and the car. We made it to the festival about a half hour before they started to serve lunch. I helped set up, then took a station serving fruit soup. I served up a LOT of soup before all the paying folks had gotten their meal. Then one of the other workers said I should grab a plate. It was good food though there wasn't much left by the time I got to it. There was plenty of korv and salmon though as well as red cabbage and swedish meatballs. I also scraped out a little cucumber and some beets. After eating my lunch I went back to the dessert table and tried a couple varieties of rice pudding and had half a sugar cookie. We left Jamestown around 2:30, and drove home by way of the grocery store (though there were a lot of leftovers from lunch, so we didn't need much). Mom and I did a little grocery shopping then finally made it back to their house where I helped put all the food away. Dad brought me and Cooper home and I put all my groceries away before taking him out for his afternoon walk. Then I did a little yoga and some abs exercises. I was a little tired by that point so Cooper and I curled up in the recliner and snuggled while I read a book or two. And then I took Cooper out for another walk, followed by a little time on the elliptical, before having dinner. I made a pot of soup Thursday and I have been eating it since then. I have about one serving left. It was pretty good, but I should have skimmed off more of the fat from the chicken bones I boiled down for stock. Still, not bad for not really having a plan when I started cooking.

The weather was cold today, but the prediction of plenty of snow was off. We did not get enough to go snow shoeing in, which makes me sad. I was hoping to get out there one day this weekend, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen.
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