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Bad luck continued, and I haven't been eating well

Friday, December 06, 2013

Since my last blog entry I had several unfortunate incidents, like
-dishwasher's engine burned down (no kidding, we saw the flames inside!)
-I scratched the backup car I got to replace my broken car
-I poked the sleeve of my coat into my left eye (I was so scared I ruined the good result of the laser surgery but no it is OK...)
-DS came home from a party saying he lost his cellphone which we searched for desperately for hours, until DD woke up and told us she found the phone in her handbag (DS gave it to her but forgot... huh)
and so on

I was in a bad mood all week, didn't track anything and overate (moderately) every day.
Yesterday I finally got my car back and I was so happy...
I took a day off to start Christmas shopping, and started the day with a wonderful forest run. I really had the feeling that everything was well and my bad luck is over. My vision is perfect clear, weather is gorgeous, life is good...
Half hour later DH took my car and wrecked the clutch so it car is broken again...
I cried. I sobbed and sobbed but an insight emerged from the sadness: so many things are broken because I have so much. If I had less, the chance of anything broken down would be much smaller. For instance if I was a Buddhist monk and all I owned was 3 robes and a bowl, I certainly wouldn't have to worry about fines and car accidents and home equipment...
This is the price I pay for having a great job, a company car, a family, for living in a city and so on.
Somehow this helped. I decided that I will not make things by overeating. Not today.
Instead I did a full weight lifting workout, then went out for a walk with DH.
And tracked all the fitness minutes I did during the week.
I'm feeling much better.
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