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Day 4 of Focus T25!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Today is Day 4 of Focus T25 Ė Total Body Circuit! I switched the Saturday rest day to Wednesdayís so my schedule doesnít match their schedule anymore. Yesterday was a rest day, and it was nice. I was sore in interesting places, like my oblique abs and my thighs, which was pretty exciting! And I was able to sleep in that extra 45 minutes, which was super nice.

Todayís workout, total body circuit, was interesting. I canít quite say it was enjoyable like the other two have been so far, but it wasnít bad by any means. Just frustrating Ė this was the first one that I had to modify because I couldnít do things (as opposed to when I modify to protect my knees or from being way out of breath). They went from plank to standing (my belly gets in the way), and traveling plank things that I couldnít do and when I tried to do the modified versions I didnít feel anything, so I just did straight push ups and ab crunches during that section. I know it was better than nothing, but it was also frustrating. There were also a couple of times that they went into a new move and didnít show Tonyaís modified version until the segment was mostly almost done, so I would have to wait until they showed her, watch her, then back up and restart that segment. That was frustrating. I also started having knee pain part way through, and I donít know why or where it came from. I couldnít think of a twisting motion I did and my squat form and posture was good, so Iíll be keeping an eye on my knee now.

Tomorrow is Ab Intervals, and Iím anxious to see what that workout is like. Iím worried that it will be a lot more plank work, and plank work is hard for me because of my wrists and the from plank to standing can be hard because my belly gets in the way of being able to put my legs under me to stand up, so hopefully whatever plank work is there can be easily modified to on my elbows or knees. After that will be my first double day, and man! Am I ever glad that Iíll be doing that on Saturdayís! I donít know if I could get through it on a workday because I think Iíll definitely need a good snack before doing the back to back workouts, and time for that snack to settle, so Iíll have good energy for the workout.

By the way, has anyone ever noticed how salty celery is? I donít typically eat it plain, I usually eat it with peanut butter and raisins, but Iím munching on it plain while writing this during lunch at work and man, this celery is salty! I never knew that.

Thatís all for now Ė hope youíre all having a Sparktastic Day!
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