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Making time for me....?!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

So I don't know why, or how it's been almost two weeks since I've been able to blog.........OK, that's a lie, I know why and how, I just can't come to terms with what has happened in the last two weeks!!! This is really craziness over here, and I know I'm in the thick of the tornado right now, so I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm just hoping when it's all over we're in one piece!!

To start off, Thanksgiving was great. Didn't do any of the great things I said I would do, like track all my food and drink all my water and all that great stuff. But I didn't gain any weight over it, so that is good...........and I think a first? Finished my last turkey sandwich yesterday, and threw out the last three pieces of pumpkin pie today. So it's gone. Good. We had fun. Just Mom, Sis, Hubs and me. We stayed the night at Mom's Thursday and all went to visit grandpa at the skilled nursing facility on Friday. The highlight for me was watching "Home for the Holidays" together. I love that movie so much, and it just makes me laugh so hard every year. We watch it pretty much every Thanksgiving........hey, some people watch football, we watch a crazy movie about a dysfunctional family, to each his own!!! I swear that movie gets funnier each year. I didn't eat or drink too much, so that was good.........I didn't track my calories, but I wouldn't be surprised if I stayed in my range.

On Saturday Tim and I decided to start boxing stuff up. We ended up taking two car loads and a truck load to the storage unit. That included our couches and living room chair and ottoman, and our bedroom TV cabinet, TV and about a dozen boxes. Since just a week ago my ankle and knee and Tim's shoulder were admittedly very sore, I was really shocked that we were able to get everything down the stairs and into the storage unit. The couch is very heavy, and Tim got one of his friends to help him with that. His shoulder was sore, but it had to be done. Sunday was church and more packing, and a good bit of resting also. We drove up to Oregon on Monday. Tim had an interview for a local position on Tuesday up there, and we drove home last night after that. We did a quick load to Sacramento today, and then were sent home for the rest of the day because they didn't have anything going out of this area. So, we rested a bit, and then packed for about 3 hours. We are down to the very last things now. We have given many things away and are pretty much just having to move the bed, clothes, kitchen/bathroom stuff and the boxes we packed up today. We will have Saturday and Sunday...........and possibly part of Friday to do that. Then I clean Monday and Tuesday...............and that's all she far as this apartment goes.

After that, it's all up in the air. If Tim gets the job, he has to start on the 16th. Which is really crazy because I can't find a place to rent that will take us before the 1st! So it's probably going to be hotel rooms, and maybe a few nights in the truck for us for two weeks, until we can get a place to move into up there. That's if he gets the was really last minute finding out that his company was hiring for this position. He found out about it on Friday, and had the interview on Tuesday. Even though it puts us in a precarious position, he couldn't pass on this one. He hasn't had a local job in over 5 years. So, we'll see what happens. If he gets it, it could end up being pretty great..............atleast that's what I'm hoping. If he doesn't get it, we go back to plan A, and I'll get in the truck with him for a couple of months and we'll take the whole move a bit slower so we can find the place we really want to move into...........instead of mad dashing it like we will be otherwise. I'm about 50/50 on this whole thing as far as what I want to have happen. I think I'll be happy either way since there are pros and cons to both.

So yeah, that's my last week and next couple of weeks in a nutshell. Not sure if I'll have internet access once we leave the apartment on Tuesday. I will at my Mom's house, but if Tim gets this job we won't be there on the weekends like we thought we would be. See why I'm going so crazy.......everything is so up in the air. It's impossible to plan anything. Just taking one day at a time and trying to do the best I can with what that day offers me.

Tim seems to be doing a bit better, and my ankle seems much better this week. We're both still using the TENS machine and are loving it. It really seems to work well.

OK, that's all there is to tell for now. I am a bit upset that I just can't seem to stay on track with counting calories and water..............but for now I am really doing the best I can, and that just has to be good enough. My brain just doesn't have any room in it to think about calories and water right now...............I know I would feel better if I did, but I just can't seem to fit it in with everything else swirling around me. I'm sure in a week or so I will be able to. Once we get out of this place, I should be able to focus on making time for me................I sure hope so anyway!!

Love you guys, hope all is well. Hugs.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can relate with being in limbo. Anxiety ridden place to be. I am hopeful for you and can't wait to read your next post. I wish you the best.
    1557 days ago
    i like that you are trying to stress as little as possible even though you are caught up in a bunch of uncertainty, something we could all learn to do, just go with the flow instead of attempting to predict. i admire your spunk and willingness to throw yourself out into the universe and see what happens. hopefully you are rewarded handsomely. thinking of you guys and sending happy adventure vibes!
    1562 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I can't wait to read how it all works out! I just know it will be great!
    1564 days ago
    Wow, sounds as busy as my move from Virginia.
    1565 days ago
    Oh my goodness! I'm glad things are moving right along and you guys are healing up! I wish you the best of luck with either outcome of the job interview!
    1565 days ago
    Wow!! Don't worry about anything until things settle down again. We'll be here when you are ready to come and visit us in cyberspace.
    Hint: To get in those 8 cups of water, fill some water bottles up that hold a total of 8 or 10 cups and voila! Once you have drained them you know that you have had your water for the day.
    1565 days ago
    You have absolute craziness going on right now and you are maintaining. BE PROUD of that. This will eventually pass and you'll be back on track.
    1566 days ago
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