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Travel days are "hard" days . . .

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I just returned from a trip to visit my parents yesterday. I thought I would avoid some holiday travelers by flying on Tuesday but it seems there were plenty of others that thought the same thing. With weather systems to contend with and people on the move, it was still crowded in the airports. People carrying their pets in little bags and young families flying with small children all contributed to the congestion as we all tried to find our way home.

At the end of my flight to Atlanta, I still had a 4 hour drive to get home. It was a miserable rainy rush hour through the heart of the city. Not to worry though because I had some unexpected company.

After a year, I am still learning things about my Android tablet (which I love). I have a book app that if I turn on a certain option will "read aloud". Perfect for my otherwise solitary drive home as the drizzly darkness started to close in. Feeling warm and safe in my little car, I was accompanied by the "talking book" as I started the last leg of my journey.

My first impression was it seemed a little "robotic" and took a some getting used to. The voice is "female" and delivers rather like an old typewriter in a very steady rhythmic cadence. No expression about the text whatever. Imagine that . . . the words I heard touched me to the core, without the aid of any voice inflections.

In a nutshell, the book explored how we tend to find hiding places for ourselves where we are "comfortable". We do, or do not, or this or that or work for this degree or not work because . . . you fill in the blank . . . then we will feel like we are good enough for everyone else, and along the way somewhere, good enough for ourselves too . . . constantly striving to support others because if I don't perform, nobody else will, and well . . . I just have to do this. Performing to be comfortable, and afraid if we don't.

Then the author suggested, "It's not about what you should "do". . . for rightness . . . as much as "What do you believe?". You know, I really love that. I will be the first to admit I'm more of a "doer" than anything else. I'm learning new skills though . . . and performance doesn't have to be one of them.

It isn't that I'm going to stop "doing" the things I do. The point is, this reality allows me the "joy" of doing instead of the "burden of proof". Everything in life translates into joyful giving of oneself in the best possible way . . . . no matter what I'm are doing . . no matter how messed up someone else is . . . in the middle of chaos, I have hope to share.

I mess up (failing forward is more the truth . . . )? I'll try again from what I have learned. The only time you loose is when you quit trying, or when you keep doing more because that's how you "prove" you're good enough.

The graceful powerful words reminded me of my foundational beliefs. I can't seem to hear them enough and always refreshed when I hear them again. In a world where performance is rewarded from the time we start school till retirement, it's healing to feel the warmth of acceptance . . . on any level you might be at the time.

Yes, travel days are really tough, but by the time I finally got home, my feet hardly touched the ground . . . I wish the same for you this holiday season.

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Love, Jan
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LYNDA522
    Well, honestly, galpal, when you put your blog on you sure have something to say. I loved the depth and insights of this article. So much truth here... A great and enriching read.

    1511 days ago
    Interesting all the way around. Thank you!

    1565 days ago
    That "good enough" theme seems to be floating in the airwaves this time of the year. Sounds like a bit of an epiphany: so nice to hear from you on my page.

    And yes: we all need to take more joy in being, struggle less to prove ourselves with "doing"!
    1566 days ago
    I hate to travel on holidays. It is always challenging. My mom and grandma uses talking books a lot and really liked them. I've never tried them.
    1568 days ago
    Gave me insights I never had before and has me thinking about my hiding places. -- Lou
    1569 days ago
    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a tablet but have a droid. Wonder if I have that feature too. That sounds SO amazing! Traveling is so hard, eating wise and just being alone, but how cool that would be to have someone reading while you're driving!

    Blessings to you this Christmas season! :)
    1570 days ago
    emoticon Sounds like an excellent book. What was the title?
    1570 days ago
    emoticon I love the books on tape. Yours had some great points we could all take to heart. What was the name of the "book" you were listening to?
    1570 days ago
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