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I Got to Thinking… CPAP or Foam Siding Underlayment Causing Off-Gassing?

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ya know, every since we installed the new siding and foam underlayment - for the first time EVER - we went through a fall without spiders coming into the house, and without box elder bugs coming into the house either. AND, there were no spiders about on the lawn either, as there usually is in the fall, with the ‘big grey’ spiders making webs on the lawn as fall comes. And, hardly a box elder bug hung out on the sides of the house either, and all that come inside was ONE lone one.

Normally we have to spray insecticide around the house in the fall to knock down the insect population, and even then we can’t eliminate all of them, and a number of box elder bugs and spiders still come into the house. But, this year, nadda… I figure if this padding under the siding is potent enough to kill bugs and (especially) spiders (cause it is really, really hard to knock down a spider population), then the fumes from this are definitely NOT good for me.

I figure I am the one being 'fumigated'.

And, so I got to thinking… that the siding underlayment must be doing some really awful off-gassing of it’s own to ward off/kill so many bugs and spiders. I think some of that off-gassing also gets into the house. I can smell a chemical odor now since the house is completely closed up. Up till several weeks ago I would have the heat on a little, but open a window or two a bit to air out the house, but now since it got really cold I haven't been doing that…

I think some of that off-gassing from the siding foam underlayment (under the new siding) is part of my not feeling well, and has compounded my sensitivity to the plastic off-gassing from the new CPAP. (It is such a shame that the old CPAP had to burn out at this time, when I am already dealing with off-gassing from the siding issues… And, of course the usual fall allergies and hay fever. So, my system has just really gotton whammied from all of the issues!) I have multiple chemical sensitivity, and with the house remodel, the CPAP off-gassing, and with fall allergies (now thankfully canceled with snow cover), well my system has been really overwhelmed.

I remember in 1983 we had built a new home; started the building in May, and finished it in late August. Now in a new home there is LOTS of off-gassing; from the wood, cabinets, sheetrock, and most especially the carpeting! Well, from the time we moved in in late August, I kept the windows open 24/7, unless we were leaving the house, or unless the weather was nasty (I could hardly bear it when I had to close the windows, and would get really sick). For 6 weeks straight I aired out that house, and things seemed pretty good. Yet when I (had) to start closing the windows at night in mid-September, I would still feel quite ill from the off-gassing that was still taking place. So, in September and October, every chance the weather permitted, I opened all the windows. I did that up into November, till I just couldn’t do it any more. The off-gassing was greatly diminished, but still that whole winter I always felt better when I was away from the house. So, I spent a LOT of time away from the house. LOL. I was so happy when spring came and I could keep the windows open again. And, by fall, when I had to start closing the windows again, the house was thankfully done with off-gassing. SO, I would say it took about 9 or 10 months for the off-gassing to be really done; or down to a level where it no longer made me sick.

I think - despite the heat bills - that for this winter only - I will start cracking a couple of the windows a little to let out the off-gassing, and to let in fresh air. I think it will do my health sooooo good!

(This evening, with the cold really sealing up the building, I could really smell the chemical odor, and I did crack a couple of windows, and felt so much better.)

Thank God I'm not in Canada. Close though... North Dakota!
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    Would any kind of air purification help? It might be cheaper than utility bills . . . ionizing purifier maybe? Which could also help with your other breathing issues?

I remember reading about babies getting sick after coming home from the hospital and being lovingly placed in their "new" nurseries - newly painted, new furniture, new carpet, etc.

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AWESOMECHELZ 12/4/2013 8:48PM

    I did that when I lived in Connecticut and I found that the small opening in a couple of windows really helped. I did pay attention to extremely cold days and at night, closed the windows but opened them at around noon again. I wish you luck! emoticon

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PLATINUM755 12/4/2013 7:43PM

    Great blog! I always hear the phrase "Sick House" when articles come out about the off-gassing and homes can really make us a lot sicker than we give any thought to. I went through the same as you did when I built a house. Same thing with new cars, new offices, any house that has gone through repairs. It's amazing how much of the items around us is working against our health. You're taking a excellent step, I air my home out even in the winter too! Hang in there and emoticon

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LOSTLIME 12/4/2013 1:20PM

    The picture about Canada was awesome!

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1CRAZYDOG 12/4/2013 12:30PM

    Pretty much what the winter is like here too in WI. You get a heckuva lot more snow and storms though.

HUGS and thanks for the information.

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TAICHIDANCER 12/4/2013 5:35AM

    The picture at the end was delightful.

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SUSANBEAMON 12/4/2013 1:33AM

  love the picture from canada. colorado can be as bad, but not for more than 2 weeks at a time, usually.

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    The world is so full of gases from all products manufactured - it's horrible. Good thing we can't physically see most of it with our eyes. We'd be horrified!
I purchased one of those appliances that filters air and I have it in my bedroom on low all night. I am sure it is helpful to clear the air in my bedroom whilst I sleep. emoticon

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